The best destinations for high school graduation trips

destinations high school trips

The age of the participants of a high school senior trip is very close to adulthood. For this reason, destinations for high school graduation trips tend to be more varied, which broadens the range of possibilities.

International travel becomes one of the most popular and most possible options for students of different ages. But this does not mean that domestic destinations are also not a very good option for senior high school student trips.

Whatever the destination, the end-of-year trips for these courses have an important difference compared to others: the characteristics of the group itself. They are more independent participants, more responsible for themselves and with autonomy and self-knowledge to make decisions on their own. Therefore, a wide range of possibilities are available to participants.

From the age of 14, children can travel unaccompanied by an adult on an airplane. This, along with the fact that high school groups are approaching the age of majority and their desire for greater independence, means that these groups often organize their trips unaccompanied by family members or teachers, which is common in other age groups. However, this is not mandatory.

Many high school trips, whatever the destination, include a tour guide or a team of instructors. Whatever the case may be, what is important at this age is the type of interaction that is established with the destination. Older age means more possibilities, a different way of relating to the environment and absorbing knowledge and experiences from it.

High school end-of-year trips: national destinations

Certainly, there is one national destination that is the star of the end-of-year trips for high school students. This is Mallorca. These trips to Mallorca include the main goal of many of the participants of this age group. The beach destination, usually accompanied by excellent weather, and with great possibilities for sports and nautical activities. At the same time, there are many possibilities for fun, as many accommodations offer complete packs for three or four days of fun and adventure.

The fact that in recent years this destination has become so popular, almost becoming a tradition, leads to the generation of a very particular atmosphere, which is one of the attractions of this option. Numerous schools from all over Spain meet there. This means being able to get to know classmates of the same age from different areas, but with the same interests.

Even though Mallorca is the star destination, there are many other options of national destinations for high school trips. The options with a beach are undoubtedly the ones that receive the most attention. On the other hand, the south is also receiving a lot of attention. Especially areas of Almería, Cádiz or Huelva, combine the proximity of the beach with attractive natural environments and tourist attractions.

Levante and its impressive coastline, is also very similar with Valencia, Benicássim and Oliva as the main destinations. Of course, the north is not without its attractions. The Asturian coast has important attractions for end-of-year high school trips. In addition to activities such as the descent of the Sella, there is also the possibility of multi-adventure and mountain sports.

High school end-of-year trips: international destinations

International destinations are the great attractions of the end-of-year trips for high school students. Just as Mallorca is the jewel of the national destinations, another island does the same with international destinations: Malta. This destination offers a beach and tourist atmosphere that will delight the traveling group.

With the participation of many schools, in this case from all over the world, the atmosphere generated is also incredible. In this case, students will be able to meet classmates and peers from various countries, establishing international friendships, which can be long-lasting and very important for the future. Malta is the great European destination for end-of-year trips for high school and similar courses. However, it is not the only one, and there are other areas of Europe that receive a lot of attention for these trips.

Italy, one of the favorite destinations.

High school groups often look for regions with a wide range of cultural offerings for these destinations. This allows them to travel for longer than usual, for a week or more, moving around the same area and getting to know it in a broad and deep way. A classic example of this is Italy.

Besides Rome, it offers great regions to visit and where the most tourists will be delighted. Tuscany, Venice and Southern Italy are some of these options. Portugal is another destination that also offers a wide cultural and touristic offer, and very close to our country. Croatia or Greece are also very good options, somewhat more distant, but full of possibilities.

For many of the participants in these trips, it will be their first international experience. Moreover, it is not just any trip, but is accompanied by their companions and friends. Therefore, embarking on this type of trip generates a unique and indelible memory, and can be crucial in increasing their ability to travel.

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