Environmental education and summer camps.

environmental education summer camps

The environmental education summer camps teach children and young people one of the most important values that we can acquire: Respect for the environment.

Even though it is so important, it is very common to see how the human being in many aspects lacks of environmental education to keep our planet free of pollution, and its effects are not perceived nowadays and even more in the future.

Even though this is an undeniable and unfortunate reality, in this post we are going to talk about environmental education from a positive point of view, and how we can learn the fundamental principles from a very young age. We are talking about environmental camps and colonies, which emphasize values for environmental care.

Before talking about the camps, we will go deeper into what environmental education is and what are its objectives and main characteristics. Then we will show how summer camps and colonies can raise awareness and teach children in a didactic and fun way.

Environmental education.

Environmental education is much more than a simple subject or school assignment. It is an educational movement that allows us to know, enjoy and discover the richness that surrounds us. On the other hand, it facilitates being aware of current conflicts and environmental problems, as well as promoting sustainable daily behaviors over time. Recognizing the relevance of environmental education is very important, because our daily contribution is what will make a positive global change.

What are the objectives of environmental education?

It seeks to cover a series of objectives in order to promote change. Basically, it allows us to take responsibility for current environmental conflicts. But it is also a fantastic tool for transforming reality, which emerges as a natural response to the moment when we begin to understand environmental degradation as a problem for society.

Environmental education focuses basically on the following 6 objectives:

  • Create awareness.
  • To impart knowledge that promotes the care of the environment.
  • Skills
  • Attitudes
  • Ability to evaluate results.
  • Active participation in the care of the environment.

What are the characteristics of environmental education?

Most summer camps promote the 4 fundamental characteristics of environmental education, which are the following:

1. It is part of civic education. People should not ignore the problems related to conserving, managing and improving the environment. Civic education promotes awareness of the problem and the consequences of not taking action.

2. Environmental education uses an interdisciplinary methodology. To approach the study of the environment, it must be considered as a whole.

3. Environmental education promotes the acquisition of skills, aptitudes and attitudes. One of the characteristics of environmental education is that it seeks to develop the ability to observe, record data based on observations and learn to compare them by selecting and choosing what is valid.

4. Establish a new value system. This is one of the fundamental characteristics of environmental education, since values determine the behavior or lifestyle of the individual and society. Establishing a new system of values focused on the care of the environment is one of its main characteristics and objectives.

What contribution can summer camps provide in favor of environmental education?

Most summer camps, but particularly environmental camps, promote activities that are not only focused on leisure and enjoyment, but also allow children and young people to carry out activities in the middle of nature, teaching them respect and values for the environment.

The best way to contribute to the environment and defend it is investing in the education of the youngest, and summer camps are an excellent complement to increase awareness and reinforce the knowledge that allows us to keep values and act in order to take care of our environment and nature.

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