Multi-adventure activities on your school trip to Granada

Multi-adventure activities Granada

In every school group there are divisions, subgroups, better or worse relationships, companions with more or less compatibility. One of the best ways to unite a school group is with multi-adventure activities on a school trip to Granada.

Multi-adventure activities are ideal for building strong ties, strengthening ties and sharing experiences. By moving away from the academic environment, each student will open up in such a way as to increase closeness and trust in the most distant during the course, which will undoubtedly enhance personal and group values.

Sports and alternative activities are essential to reinforce these bonds. We recommend the main multi-adventure activities for your end-of-year trip to Granada.

This multi-adventure, nautical or hiking activities improve confidence, security, self-esteem and make them lose their fear. For those who have difficulty in taking the plunge, they may look to their classmates as examples and role models; on the other hand, they will encourage group cooperation so no one is left behind and each and every member of the group will enjoy the unique experiences on the end-of-year trip to Granada. Let’s get started!

Land Multiadventure

Multiadventure sports are practiced outdoors and this provides great advantages: to know places and landscapes, to get a great harmony with the environment where we do the activities and a unique feeling of freedom. It is a great plan to do with groups on an end-of-year trip, as it increases the feeling of belonging to a team, collaborating and giving the maximum of oneself. You can do a wide variety of land-based multi-adventure activities such as climbing, archery, rappelling, zip-lining, etc.


This sport is very popular in the country. It is a complete activity that trains body and mind. Your school trip to Granada may include climbing and abseiling activities for beginners so that the school group can get an idea of what this sport consists of. The risk, the height, the overcoming of obstacles, the work of strength, flexibility and balance make climbing one of the most requested multi-adventure activities in Granada.

Hiking in Sierra Nevada

Hiking is a must-do activity on any school trip to get to know and experience the natural landscapes of the area. Since it does not require excessive preparation or an annoying or long journey to the place of practice, it is an easy, accessible and complete activity. Sierra Nevada is a huge mountain range very close to the city of Granada with countless hiking trails for all levels and preferences, in the mountains or in the forest. Or even in the snow. This mountain range is a unique and wonderful landscape, where students will enjoy contact with nature, some of them for the first time in their lives.

Snowshoeing route

One of the multiadventure activities in your end-of-year trip to Granada can be an original route through the Sierra Nevada with snowshoes. Not requiring previous experience, this is the ideal way to enjoy and get to know the magical winter landscape of the Sierra Nevada. This hiking route can be done with a guide, who explains the techniques to progress with snowshoes and during the tour shows the highlights of the flora, fauna and geography of the environment.

Water activities

Multiadventure in the sea

It is true that many of the adventure activities require the collaboration of several people and are definitely funnier when practiced with friends. We propose a nautical adventure on the coast of Granada, where you can try all kinds of easy water sports to enjoy all together in the end of course trip to Granada. You can try sea kayaking for the first time, sail in a small catamaran and go paddle surfing.


Kayaking can be an eye-opening experience. While you work on your arm strength and coordination, you discover nature in a different way, with direct and totally relaxing contact with the environment. On your end-of-course trip to Granada you can discover the incredible landscapes of Granada’s coves, discover otherwise inaccessible caves and see its impressive cliffs.


One of the most impressive and different multi-adventure sports: combining jumps, slides, rappelling down waterfalls and plunging into the crystal clear waters of Rio Verde. Certainly, in spring or summer canyoning is pure adrenaline, so dare to do it with your end-of-year group on their school trip to Granada! These canyon descents have different sections or levels so that everyone can participate.

Practical guide to organize your end-of-year trip to Granada

If you want to know more details about your school trip to Granada, do not miss any article of our complete guide. The best bars in Granada, the most popular neighborhoods, must-see places, accommodation, activities… Find out all the details and book your end-of-year trip with Natuaventura Ocio y Tiempo Libre!

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