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Multi-adventure in Asturias

Active tourism, that is to say, tourism that includes activities for everyone, and that allows you to enjoy the tourist destination in an alternative and enjoyable way, is becoming more and more demanded. In the end-of-year trips this is usually the goal: an entertaining, didactic and enriching trip in every way. There is a wide range of multi-adventure activities to do in Asturias, do not miss any of them!

For this reason, we cannot leave aside in our planning the multiadventure activities: kayaking, canyoning, climbing, zip line, rappel, rafting, biking, hiking, quads, horseback riding … and so on. We tell you more about the most popular activities in the end of the school year trips in Asturias!


Surfing is the most popular water sport among young and old, especially on the Cantabrian coast, whose waves are perfect for beginners and professionals alike. In Asturias, the demand for beginner courses has increased in recent years, and more schools are adapting to all levels so you can spend the morning or afternoon learning the secrets of the sea and playing with the waves.

In Natuaventura we have a team of professional instructors who will reinforce the team of instructors of the school so everything is under control, and the students can enjoy their surf lessons safely. Without a doubt, surfing is one of the multi-adventure activities in Asturias most demanded by young people.


In Asturias, canoeing is a well-known activity that everyone should try at least once in their life. If you decide to organize your study trip to this region, kayaking or canoeing has to be in your program of activities.

The descent of the Sella River is the most popular of all, since it is an initiation for anyone who has never tried this experience. Small rapids, baths in the river, jumps and beautiful landscapes are the main ingredients of this canoe descent. In addition, the beach bars located on the banks of the river, where they serve cider and sandwiches, will delight this unique experience. Everyone repeats!


In the Principality of Asturias there are many routes for all ages, where your students can enjoy a pleasant walk visiting some of the most magical places in the region. Without a doubt, Trekking is a Multi-adventure activity in Asturias that you cannot miss. Here are some ideas:

Multiadventure in Asturias

  • Visit to the Covadonga Lakes.
  • Alba Route
  • Water Route
  • The Esva Gorges
  • Oneta Waterfalls
  • Path of the Bear
  • Cares Route
  • The Beyu Pen Forest
  • Poncebos Route
  • Saliencia Lakes

Other multiadventure activities in Asturias

Horseback riding

Horseback riding is a time to disconnect, to let yourself go and feel the freedom of being on the back of a horse in the middle of nature. There are many routes in Asturias, on the coast as well as inland, for all levels and durations.


Canyoning is one of the most complete adventure activities that exist. It consists of descending on foot the high riverbed of a river. To complete this activity, you must swim, rappel down waterfalls, slide down natural slides in the rock and jump into pools of clear water. A real water park in the middle of nature! The duration of the activity is half a day, about 3-4 hours approximately.

Canyoning is a very popular activity. Along with canoeing and the famous Ruta del Cares, it is one of the most popular activities in Asturias and, specifically, in the Picos de Europa National Park.


The Picos de Europa area has a large number of caves, for all tastes, to perform an activity of speleology initiation. In this region of Asturias there are caves for walking, crawling, rappelling, dry caves, caves with water courses, with large siphons.

Guide for end-of-year trips to Asturias

We know that teachers have the most difficult task when it comes to planning and organizing the whole trip, so let us help you! Plan your school trip with Natuaventura and you won’t regret it. More than 15 years and hundreds of trips and schools all over the country are our guarantee.

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