Nautical multiadventure on your end-of-year trip to Salou

Sometimes, the school trip becomes the first experience of sleeping away from home. Not only for sleeping, but also for escaping from the daily routine and doing all kinds of sports, cultural and leisure activities with classmates. This promotes the value of companionship, support and coexistence, with their friends and teachers. The multi-adventure activities that take place during the end-of-year trip encourage this cooperation and the strengthening of bonds with classmates they did not know before. On this post you will find the benefits of doing water sports on your end-of-year trip to Salou.

Having activities outside the classroom allows students to develop their personalities in a free way and to express themselves. Extracurricular activities, end-of-year trips or camps, lead to a positive change in attitude. The reason is that they are able to develop freely and actively. Doing a nautical multi-adventure on your end of the year trip to Salou will promote all these values. It will allow students to lose fears, share common experiences with the group, and get to know each other better. Keep reading!


Kayaking is the star nautical multi-adventure activity of all end-of-year trips for many reasons: it develops their motor skills and coordination, encourages cooperation between classmates, they discover marine nature in a new way and it is a complete sporting activity. Thanks to its ease of handling and quick learning, it is an activity accessible to all abilities and ages.

Sea kayaking is a totally different activity than kayaking on lakes or rivers. The gentle waves of the Mediterranean Sea and the amplitude of the sea make it a favorite moment for teenagers because of the freedom they have, without any kind of danger; although, of course, always supervised by the instructors hired for the activity as well as by our instructors who accompany the students for 24 hours.


The nautical sport in this coast, due to its gentle winds that facilitate a smooth sailing and make students enjoy a once in a lifetime experience and learning the basics of sailing near the coast and with experienced staff.

It is an activity to discover, where they can collaborate and participate to move the small boat to the rhythm of the wind and will unite them as a group when they achieve their goal. You may practice sailor knots, learn more about wind and sea currents and feel like real sailors for a day.


This is one of the most fun activities to do with your school group on their end-of-year trip to Salou. It consists of getting on a banana-shaped boat, pulled by a motorboat that speeds up and up, and whose purpose is to throw into the water as many members of the group as possible.

This time of genuine enjoyment usually becomes one of the best experiences of the end of the course trip, to share this moment with friends and classmates, and dive into the waters of the Mediterranean.


One of the other water sports on your end-of-year trip to Salou, which is offered on the Costa Daurada, is windsurfing. Although it is not the best location for experts, it is ideal for beginners thanks to its gentle winds, which facilitate learning from scratch and without danger.

Unlike other activities, this water sport is not based on group experience, but rather tests the individual skills and balance of our students. It is a personal challenge that will help them to grow personally and perhaps discover new skills.

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