Organize your end-of-year trip to Asturias

Organize trip to Asturias

The whole preparation of the end-of-year trip begins with a key question: where are we going? In this article we tell you how to organize your end-of-year trip to Asturias.

Asturias is a natural paradise. But do you really know all the natural attractions that Asturias has to offer?  This is one of the most demanded destinations by the school community in the end of the school year trips. This autonomous community offers a multitude of possibilities for students to combine visits to natural landscapes with sports and multi-adventure activities that will make them never forget their school trip. Organize your end-of-year trip to Asturias with the help of this guide!

Do you want to know our school trips to Asturias? Our instructors have more than 15 years of experience with school groups, coordinating trips with multi-adventure activities all over Spain.

Where to stay in Asturias for the school trip?

The end-of-year trip to Asturias with Natuaventura offers you a great variety of activities and places to visit with your group of students. Thanks to its strategic location, you can enjoy cultural activities, tourist routes, gastronomic experiences… but also nautical activities on the beach, so students can have fun not only in the city, but also taking advantage of the maritime environment. From Natuaventura we guarantee the best combination for your travel planning, with free activities and/or with our best trained instructors.

Asturias may seem a small community, but as soon as you start diving among all its important places, you will see that it is not easy to choose the location of your «base camp». First think about what activities and places you want to prioritize, and based on this, decide on your accommodation.

Some basic recommendations are: if you are going to prioritize activities and multi-adventure sports in your end-of-year trip, think about hostels or rural hotels as the best accommodation option for your trip to Asturias. They have ample indoor and outdoor spaces for games and evenings, they are usually located in wonderful natural areas and the buses will have easy access to pick up and drop off the group during the excursions. Some of these are:

  • Posada Rural El Corcal de Liébana.
  • Los Nóvalos Hostel
  • La Casona
  • Bustiello Youth Hostel
  • Hotel San Jorge

Places to visit on your school trip to Asturias

There are so many places to choose from that it is difficult to recommend a short list of essential places. The coast, the inland and the small villages are wonderful places that will make you experience the magic of a region not overcrowded and full of nature.

In the interior, you will find protected spaces and Natural Parks, such as the Natural Park of Redes, the Natural Park of Somiedo or the National Park of Picos de Europa and there you will discover hundreds of hiking trails:

  • Lakes of Covadonga (Picos de Europa)
  • Forest of Muniellos
  • Esva River gorges
  • The gorge of the Xanas
  • Lake Saliencia (Somiedo valley)
  • The route of Alba (Redes Park)
  • Sources of Narcea


On the coast, the beaches, coves and headlands that run along the entire coastline are a must-see. Wild and inhospitable, you will not want to miss a single one. Here are a few names:

  • Playa del Silencio and Cabo Vidio.
  • The beach of Gulpiyuri
  • The buffoons of Pría
  • Vega Beach
  • Cape Bustos


Finally, the rural and coastal villages are authentic places where you can experience the essence of this region. Their people, architecture and gastronomy will make you fall in love from minute one. You should visit at least a couple of the 10 following villages that we recommend on your end-of-year trip with students:

  • Cudillero
  • Lastres
  • Luarca
  • Ribadesella
  • Cangas de Onis
  • Llanes
  • Potes
  • Nava
  • Arenas de Cabrales
  • Tapia de Casariego

Guide for end-of-year trips to Asturias

We know that teachers have the most difficult task when it comes to planning and organizing the whole trip, so let us help you! Plan your school trip with Natuaventura and you won’t regret it. More than 15 years and hundreds of trips and schools all over the country endorse us.

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