Practical guide to organize an end-of-year trip to Salou

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Any extracurricular activity that takes place outside of school adds extra value and enriches the students’ education. This includes the long-awaited end-of-year trips.  As teachers usually have the biggest responsibility for planning these school trips, from Natuaventura we would like to offer you this practical guide to organize an end-of-year trip to Salou.

Salou is an ideal destination for groups of older students, middle school or high school. This destination is associated with beach activities, multi-adventure sports and offers the possibility of excursions appropriate for this age group: the PortAventura theme park and/or a day trip to Barcelona. Also interesting (and extremely educational) are visits to archaeological sites such as Tarraco Romana in Tarragona or a mini cruise to the beautiful town of Cambrils. Read on!

Check out our end-of-year trips to Salou, which include activities, accommodation, meals, transportation and excursions. And, of course, the instructors are available 24 hours a day so parents and teachers can feel at ease. Our team has been organizing and coordinating school trips for more than 15 years, dynamizing and supervising each activity and making possible your personalized trips.

Where to stay in Salou with school groups?

For a successful end-of-year trip, it is important to consider where are you going to stay with your group of students. Depending on the number of students, their ages and the type of trip planned, you should choose the accommodation that best suits your needs. Hotel or hostel? Inland or on the coast?

In Salou, as well as in the surrounding area, there are all types of accommodation for all budgets and likes. The easiest way for a small group that will be doing a lot of outdoor activities is to book a hotel. For middle school or high school students this is a comfortable accommodation that gives them freedom and independence to manage with their friends. Also, including full board, the teachers will not have to worry about anything. The location, close to the beaches and the promenade, facilitates transportation, excursions and movement around the city. This is a short list of hotels of great quality-price in Salou and Cambrils:

  • Hotel César Augustus (Salou).
  • Hotel Olimar (Cambrils)
  • Sol Costa Daurada
  • Hotel Salou Beach
  • Hostal Fonda Montserrat
  • Bahia Dorada
  • Hotel Diego’s
  • Casablanca Beach & Suites
  • Hotel Best Maritim
  • Hotel Piramide Salou

Essential visits on your end-of-year trip to Salou

Salou is a tourist town in Tarragona, located on the Costa Daurada. This town offers a wide range of beaches, from small and secret rocky coves for snorkeling, to large and touristy urban beaches. It is a popular destination for windsurfing, sailing and all kinds of water sports. The Camino de Ronda, once used by fishermen and known for its sunrise and sunset views, also passes through Salou.

But Salou also has a great historical interest: it was a Roman port city and the archaeological site of the Roman villa of Barenys contains ceramic works dating from the first century B.C. In the town there is also a wide range of leisure activities with go-karts, zip lines, climbing walls and paintball, star activities of a spectacular end-of-year trip program.

Here is a brief list of some of the things you can visit on your end-of-year middle school or high school trip:

  • Trip to PortAventura theme park.
  • Visit the Torre Vieja (or Torre Vella) of Salou
  • Don’t miss the Font Lluminosa light show in Salou
  • Stroll along Salou’s promenade and gossip at all its beach stalls
  • Walk along the popular Camino de Ronda to watch the sunset
  • Surprise yourself with the archaeological site of Berenys
  • Excursion to the Tarraco Romana ruins in Tarragona
  • A day at the Bosque Aventura Tree Park
  • Travel by boat the distance from Salou to Cambrils to discover this beautiful coastal village
  • Discover the secret coves of the Costa Daurada

Organize your end-of-year trip to Salou with Natuaventura

We know that teachers have the most difficult task when it comes to planning and organizing the whole trip, so let us help you! Plan your school trip with Natuaventura and you won’t regret it. More than 15 years and hundreds of trips and schools all over the country are our guarantee.

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