What is a language trip?

What is a language trip

The way of learning languages has evolved in recent years.

One of the first options to immerse yourself in different languages, cultures and to facilitate the learning of a new language, is to attend a language trip. But what is it?

Language trips consist of staying for two or three weeks in a different country than the one of origin and whose language is the one to be learned. It usually includes transportation, accommodation, some kind of academic course, and related leisure activities.

Accommodation on language trips is usually of two types: in residence or with native families

In the residence hall, they stay with the leaders of the group, and use its facilities, as well as living with their fellow students of different nationalities.

Conversely, if they stay with families, the participant will fully enjoy the culture of the destination, getting to know its customs and enjoying a complete experience in a new country. This is an experience that can only be enjoyed on a language trip.

There are as many language trips as there are languages or destinations.

Basically, these criteria are the ones that differentiate travel options. At Natuaventura Ocio y Tiempo Libre we organize English language trips to three possible destinations. One of them is Ireland, in the city of Limerick, and the other two are in England, in the cities of Plymouth and Torquay.

Limerick is the third most populated city in Ireland, located in the west of the country. It is known for its thriving cultural activity and for being one of the main university cities. Our language trips to Limerick take advantage of this circumstance to offer both accommodation possibilities: with a family or in a university residence.

On the other hand, Plymouth and Torquay are two cities very close to each other, located on the south coast of England. The trip to them is made by means of a ferry that departs from the port of Santander. In both cases, the accommodation is with families. The language course is taught at the Suzanne Sparrow School, one of the first schools in England to offer this type of language course.

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