Multi-adventure activities in the mountains of Madrid

Multi-adventure activities Madrid

Madrid is a city with a great cultural agenda. Believe it or not, less than an hour and a half from Madrid you can find parks and protected natural environments, such as La Pedriza or the Sierra de Guadarrama, where you can enjoy and be in contact with nature, living a different adventure every day. These are the best multi-adventure activities in the Sierra de Madrid!

In this article we offer you a wide range of activities to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible with your students. The mountains of Madrid have many rope parks, reservoirs for canoeing, climbing activities, hiking routes for children and teenagers, etc. Choose the most suitable for your group of students, according to their preferences, ages and proximity to your accommodation.

  1. Ropes parks

Ropes parks or adventure parks in the trees are an activity enjoyed by children of all ages. The parks are organized by circuits of different levels, from beginner to expert level. Our students will be able to advance from circuit to circuit as far as they want to go. It is one of the most popular multi-adventure activities for schools and most demanded in this type of trip, because it combines many activities in one: zip line, climbing, etc. Enjoy your end-of-year trip with activities in the mountains of Madrid!

  • Aventura Amazonia: There are two adventure parks near Madrid: Aventura Amazonia Pelayos and Aventura Amazonia Cerdecilla.
  • Forestal Park: this park is located in the mountains, very close to Guadarrama. It has 2 briefing circuits, 4 family circuits (from 110 cm.), 5 sport circuits and 1 extreme circuit. It also has a long zip line that crosses the Encinillas Reservoir.
  • From pine to pine: located in Navacerrada, this park has circuits for all ages, from 5 years old to difficulties for the most adventurous; with an extreme circuit suspended 20 meters high.
  • Torrelino: located in the town of Torrelodones, near the center of Madrid, this is the first urban adventure park on trees in Spain, with circuits for ages from 4 years old.
  1. Canoeing:

Canoeing is one of the most popular multi-adventure activities in Madrid, due to its comfort and price. In the Sierra de Madrid there are many reservoirs, dams and lakes where you can enjoy walks and canoeing. Groups of Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate can do canoeing, because they will enjoy this activity. If you decide to hire the end-of-year trip with us, Natuaventura has the best team of monitors, who will coordinate, supervise and lead the group of students. We offer you some options that you can find very close to the city of Madrid:

  • Canoe route through the waters of the Riosequillo Reservoir.
  • Canoe route in the San Juan Reservoir.
  • Canoeing in the Pinilla Reservoir.
  • Canoeing in the Serranía de Cuenca and Alto Tajo.
  • Canoe route on the Tagus in the city of Aranjuez.
  1. Hiking:

Madrid residents often take advantage of their free days to escape to the mountains, where there are millions of hiking trails to enjoy nature and the countryside. There are routes for beginners and routes for the more adventurous. In reality, hiking is one of the most popular multi-adventure activities in the Sierra de Madrid. At Natuaventura we have a section dedicated to hiking excursions for schools in Madrid.

  • Route in Rascafría, to the Cascada del Purgatorio waterfall.
  • Route to the Barranca Valley: a recommended walk for all ages, from Navacerrada.
  • Embalse del Villar: route starting in Berzosa de Lozoya to the oldest reservoir in the Community of Madrid.
  • El camino Schmidt: one of the most popular routes in Madrid, connecting Navacerrada and Cercedilla.
  • La Laguna de San Juan: it starts from the town of Titulcia to the Sotillo road.
  • Cancho de la Cabeza, starting the route from Patones de Arriba.
  • Guadalix river canyon, especially recommended for those who want to take a dip.
  • Route through the Pedriza to the famous Charca Verde.
  • Cancho de los muertos, to enjoy the granite landscape of the area of the Cuenca Alta del Manzanares Regional Park.
  • La chorrera de San Mamés: if you love waterfalls, this route has the highest waterfall in Madrid, located in the Sierra de Guadarrama.
  1. Climbing walls:

A different multi-adventure activity that your students can try on their end-of-year trip to Madrid is climbing in a climbing wall. They will have fun trying out the different routes, equipped with self-safety devices so there is no danger; or trying out the bouldering area, with its different levels and original holds. And, for more safety, all the climbing walls have instructors to make sure that everything works correctly. Some of the most famous in Madrid are:

  • Sputnik (Alcobendas)
  • King-Kong (Las Rozas)
  • Rock Game (Moralzarzal)
  • Tsunami (San Sebastián de los Reyes)

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