Where to eat tapas on your school trip to Granada?

Eat tapas in Granada

Gastronomy is a fundamental part of any trip, being one of the best ways to discover and immerse yourself in a new culture. Andalusian and Muslim cultures have coexisted in harmony in Granada since ancient times, and that is something that reflects its architecture and gastronomy. We tell you which are the best places to eat tapas in Granada.

It is essential to know the popular tapas in Granada, where you get a free tapa when you order a drink. In some bars if you order 3 or 4 drinks, you can even eat dessert! Visiting the best tapas areas and the most famous bars is a must, try them all, and immerse yourself in the gastronomic atmosphere, especially at midday and at night. The Albaycín neighborhood, Calle Elvira, the area around the Cathedral or the Campo del Príncipe in the Realejo, are some of the most popular areas for tapas tourism in Granada. Take a notebook and pen, and write down the best bars to try the typical dishes, and create your own tour for your school trip to Granada.

What are the typical foods in Granada?

As in many other Andalusian cities, the influence of the sea is always present and fried fish is one of the protagonists of its tapas and typical dishes. Moreover, in the specific case of Granada, game meat is another of the keys to a gastronomy rich in all kinds of nutrients: Andalusian-style tripe, jabugo ham from Sierra Nevada and Sierra Morena, wild boar meat, lomo de orza, pringá, flamenquín, etc. Cold vegetable soups and vegetable stews are common in all Andalusian gastronomy: ajoblanco, gazpacho, salmorejo, pipirrana, beans with ham, migas, puchero andaluz… Don’t miss anything! Then you will find out the best places to eat tapas on your school trip in Granada and try all the ones we tell you about.


One of the typical (and at the same time not so popular) dishes of this area, you have to try it! It is a kind of salad based on vegetables and it was eaten in the Andalusian period (IX century). Its main characteristics are roasted and dried bell pepper, zucchini, pumpkin, dried tomato. To this is added the other great ingredient: desalted and crumbled cod and some black olives to taste.

Meat in sauce

This tapa-comodín can be found in almost any bar in Granada. It can be served as a sandwich or on a plate for dipping bread. It is a complete tapa that will be delicious no matter where you try it.


Migas is a typical dish in many provinces of Spain. Using resources to the maximum, stale bread is the main ingredient of this shepherds’ dish. In the case of Andalusian migas, they are accompanied by one or two anchovies, a green bell pepper and a slice of melon.

Poor man’s potatoes

One of the most demanded tapas in the area. You cannot miss a good accompaniment with peppers, a touch of oil and, if they are topped with a fried egg, the best of all.

Eggplants with cane honey

The Arab influence is shown in tapas such as eggplants with honey. An elaboration that is very popular with those who enjoy the contrast between sweet and salty.


These breaded ham and cheese rolls are one of the great delicacies of Andalusia and an ideal tapa to accompany any type of drink. It consists of a roll of meat and breaded ham, which can also be filled with cheese and vegetables and is perfect with vegetables.

Sacromonte Omelette

This is an omelette made with various types of offal, especially mutton brains and criadillas, and very often breadcrumbs, peas and nuts are also added.

Moraga of sardines

This dish, like many others of Andalusian gastronomy, uses sardines as the main ingredient. For its preparation, the sardines are placed in a clay pot, bathed with white wine, virgin olive oil, lemon juice, chopped garlic, parsley and salt. Once all the ingredients have been added, they are put on the fire for about 10 minutes until they are ready to eat.

Remojón granaíno

Another dish of Arabic origin that has remained forever in the gastronomy of Granada. It is a cold salad, and its great fame is due to the quality of the raw materials: orange, spring onion and cod.

Pescaíto frito (fried fish)

Throughout the Andalusian region, fried fish (or pescaíto) is the star of the whole gastronomy: marinated dogfish, battered squid, shrimp, shrimp omelettes, Pil Pil prawns, sardines… the possibilities are endless!

Broad beans with ham

This is one of the most typical dishes of Granada and it is very good in summer or spring. Like potatoes «a lo pobre», if you add a fried egg on top, they become an exquisite delicacy.

Pionono de Santa Fé

And for dessert? Pionono is the most famous and claimed sweet in the province of Granada and its history begins in 1897, when it was created on the occasion of the papal visit. This sweet from Santa Fé is a small sponge cake, formed by a thin sheet of sponge cake, which is rolled into a cylinder intoxicated with a very sweet liquid and topped with toasted cream, a real delicacy!

The best places to eat tapas on your school trip in Granada

Besides the Alhambra, the most characteristic of Granada are its free tapas with any drink you order. Of more or less quality, they are the great attraction of Granada’s atmosphere; sometimes with a choice and sometimes not. Either way, in the bars of Granada you can eat tapas: even dessert! If you want to eat the city in bites, literally, take note of the best places to eat tapas on your school trip to Granada.

Classic bars

For the traditional ones, try the typical tapas we have already mentioned, there are a whole series of bars with a long tradition and a lot of history, recommended by locals!

  • Bar Los Diamantes
  • Castañeda Winery
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • La Antigualla
  • Los Manueles
  • La Taberna Gamboa
  • La Blanca Paloma
  • La Sitarilla
  • Casa Julio
  • Minotauro
  • El Aliatar (to taste the snails)
  • Bar Molinos

Different tapas

If you prefer to try different tapas, experiment with Mozarabic roots or go for vegan tapas, we recommend these places:

  • Babel World Fusion (international tapas).
  • Bella Kurva
  • El Ojú (vegan tapas)
  • Tango Bar
  • La Pajuana
  • Entrebrasas

Practical guide to organize your end-of-year trip to Granada

If you want to know more details about your school trip to Granada, do not miss any article of our complete guide. The best bars in Granada, the most popular neighborhoods, must-see places, accommodation, activities… Find out all the details and book your end-of-year trip with Natuaventura Ocio y Tiempo Libre!

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