Why go on an end-of-year high school trip with instructors?

end year trip instructors

Why take a year-end trip with the instructors? Considering the age of the participants on a high school end-of-year trip, we understand that these are times when they begin to make their own decisions. Their independence and autonomy is increasing. Making your own decisions and being responsible for your own path is one of your main interests.

In fact, this characteristic is what makes high school senior trips so popular: offering new spaces and places for young people to explore and reaffirm their development. So, the question is obvious: why go on a high school senior trip with instructors? Of course, the group of participants will not go alone, and will always be accompanied by teachers or parents. But why add to this accompaniment a team of instructors?

To answer this question, several elements must be considered. First of all, the age of the participants. We have seen that this is a stage of great importance for development. Therefore, especially in learning environments, professional staffing is very important. In the same way that classes are taught by teachers, the dynamics and activities should be taught by people with specific training.

This is the case of a team of instructors. They have the necessary training and experience to lead and energize groups, to combine learning and fun. They become guides, companions and tutors of the group during the end-of-course trip. Although they have contact for a few days, this is enough to generate an atmosphere of fun and trust, which will be the basis of the trip.

What does the work of a team of instructors consist of?

Now we have seen why a team of instructors is a good idea for a high school senior trip, but what exactly is their job? Just like the other people accompanying the group (teachers, family members), the instructors are with the group the whole time.

From the first contact (either on the bus or at the destination of the trip), the double mission of the team of instructors begins. First, to offer a few days full of different activities, fun games and unforgettable moments. Second, to make sure that the trip is carried out with the utmost safety and care for the group of participants.

Our team of professionals supervises the trip, allowing the group’s companions to let themselves be carried away by the activities themselves, trusting that the supervision of the trip is in the hands of a team of professionals. The team always has a coordinator who manages all the tasks and coordinates the group with the needs of the participants, as well as with the initial planning.

It is common for unforeseen events to occur during an end-of-course trip. With a team of instructors, improvisations are not a problem, but rather, they are assumed from the beginning of the trip. There is enough experience and resources to deal with unforeseen changes, such as rain or the closure of some of the facilities to be visited. Thus, a team of instructors implies fun and dynamism, as well as confidence and tranquility.

How do I organize an end-of-year trip with instructors?

Being convinced of the importance of a team of instructors, the question is: how do you organize an end-of-course trip with instructors? The most affordable and comfortable way to do it is through an agency or company, such as Natuaventura Ocio y Tiempo Libre.

Having a team of professionals with experience in the sector helps schools and families, who often do not have the necessary time to organize the trip. The agency offers budgets to the school center depending on the destination and the type of activities desired for the trip. They are in charge of designing the activity plan according to the needs of the group, always agreeing on every decision.

Once the plan is finalized, it is communicated to the team of instructors in charge of accompanying and guiding the group. This team has the plan well in advance in order to be able to complete it with dynamics and activities that they prepare before the trip. As we have already seen, every team of instructors on an end-of-year high school trip has a coordinator.

This is the link between the agency and the group once the trip is underway, and the person of reference for families and teachers. The coordinator will be in charge of all the arrangements and contacts with the accommodation or the centers to be visited during the trip. In this way, the school and the families have absolute confidence in the smooth running of the trip.

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