5 excursions you can’t miss on your school trip to Salou

school trip to Salou

Excursions are one of the keys to a successful end-of-year trip. We have talked about what you can visit on your school trip to Salou. But now we will discover the most popular places near the city. If your school trip is 3, 4 or 5 days, we suggest you do two or more of these trips. These are the 5 excursions to do on your school trip to Salou!

Salou is located in a privileged place, very close to Tarragona and one hour from Barcelona. This allows a wide range of recreational options and excursions of interest: Roman archaeological sites, fishing villages … and, of course, a trip to the famous PortAventura park. Let’s have a look!


This great theme park is one of the excursions to do on your school trip to Salou. It is divided into 5 different environments: Far West, Mediterranean, Polynesia, Mexico and China. They will be able to enjoy roller coasters, great attractions, children’s areas and magnificent shows. This is undoubtedly one of the essential places to visit in Salou, where adults and children will spend an unforgettable day.

Discover the thrilling attractions in the Mexico area, dare to ride the Dragon Khan in China, the huge red roller coaster with its 8 loops and plummeting drops and travel to the Far West to dodge the strong waves of the Grand Canyon rapids. And for something more leisurely, visit Polynesia. In addition to these thrill rides, there are more than 100 live shows, from dancing and acrobatics to Wild West gunfights.

Excursion to Barcelona

Due to its proximity to the Catalan capital, you will have the opportunity to prepare a day trip to Barcelona on your school trip to Salou. Although this city needs more days to enjoy it and know it better, one day will be enough to fall in love with it: a walk through the old Gothic Quarter, the Ramblas, the Born and discover the beautiful marina and the Barceloneta will be enough to make you want to come back on any other school trip, family or friends. If you also want to include a visit to the Camp Nou and the Sagrada Familia, two of its main attractions, you will complete the trip to Barcelona with success. 100% recommended!

Water sports in Salou

The beaches located along the coastline of Salou are considered one of the best and most well-kept bathing areas in Spain. As they are visited by thousands of tourists in the warmer months, they are prepared with all kinds of facilities and services. You can also discover its wildest and most secret coves, rocky and perfect for snorkeling and see all kinds of fish and marine animals.

You can also take advantage of your stay in Salou to do all kinds of nautical multi-adventure. There are many schools that offer courses in parasailing, sailing, deep-sea fishing, jet skis, windsurfing, scuba diving, sailing or water skiing. There are activities for all tastes, abilities and ages. You just have to choose yours and enjoy the sea to the fullest, always under the supervision of professional monitors in these sports.

Roman Tarraco

One of the excursions you cannot miss on your school trip to Salou is the trip to Tarragona, to get to know in depth the Roman route and all its archaeological sites. The archaeological site of Tarraco was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000 and is one of the most extensive of the ancient Roman Hispania. It is also the oldest Roman settlement in the Iberian Peninsula, which became the capital of the province of Hispania Citerior in the 1st century BC.

Tarraco, like most ancient cities, has been inhabited, and its own citizens gradually obtained building materials from the ancient buildings. The amphitheater near the seashore was used as a quarry, and only a few traces of it remain today. It was built on top of the circus, 45 meters long, although some of its sections can still be traced. Inscriptions in Latin and even in Phoenician appear all over the city on the stones of the houses. These are the most important monuments of the archaeological site that are indispensable in your itinerary through Tarraco:

  • Roman Circus
  • Amphitheater
  • Roman Theater
  • Paleo-Christian Necropolis
  • National Archaeological Museum
  • Roman Forum
  • Roman Wall

Mini Cruise to Cambrils by Catamaran

The last of the excursions to do on your school trip to Salou, you must visit Cambrils. If you want to discover Cambrils in a different way, embark on one of the mini cruises that make the catamarans in the port of Salou. You choose whether round trip or one way. In your end-of-year trip you can not miss an excursion like this: relax with your group in the sea during the half hour trip and visit the charming fishing village of Cambrils.

You can admire the beauty of the Costa Daurada from a new perspective, but you will also be spared the dense traffic of the roads in the area. In addition, you will have the exciting experience of swimming in the open sea and snorkeling because the mini cruise makes a brief stop to enjoy even more of this unique moment. Embark, let yourself go and feel how the sea breeze refreshes your face.

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