How to organize the end-of-year trip to Avila?

school trip to Avila

To organize a great end-of-year trip, you don’t need an exotic destination or to go far away. All you need is a good program of activities and accommodation that makes the school group feel at home. In Spain, we have hundreds of destinations at a good price with thousands of secrets to discover and endless possibilities for the school trip to become an unforgettable memory. Avila is an example of this, so here is a complete guide on how to organize your school trip to Avila.

In Spain we are lucky to have places with dream beaches, snowy mountains, cities with a great atmosphere, villages with peace and harmony… It is only necessary to choose among the whole school group what kind of trip we want to do and organize it. But, at the end of the day, the destination will be the least important thing. The real meaning of end-of-year trips lies in the people who accompany us. For many, it will be a unique experience away from home, out of their environment and out of the daily routine. This type of trip promotes the value of companionship, responsibility, support and sharing with your peers.

Find out more about the end-of-year trips that we organize from Natuaventura to Avila. Accommodation, transportation, excursion reservations, programmed activities, instructors 24 hours a day to supervise and guide the school trip, meals… Everything under control without teachers or parents having to worry about anything during the trip!

Places to visit on your school trip to Avila

The city is known for its intact medieval walls, with more than 80 semicircular crenellated towers and 9 gates. There are long sections on the walls where you can walk and, in the evening, the illuminated walls are a hallmark of the city. Avila is home to numerous Romanesque and Gothic churches, including the fortress-like cathedral, whose apse is integrated into the city walls. The Convent of Santa Teresa dates from the 17th century and stands on the site where the saint was born in 1515. Outside the walls is the Basilica of St. Vincent, with its trio of naves and apses, spanning styles from the 12th to the 14th centuries. The Museum of Oriental Art occupies a cloister of the Royal Monastery of St. Thomas.

A complete and monumental city, unknown and close to many beautiful natural sites to visit on the end of the course trip to Avila. Here are some of the most important tourist attractions in the city:

  • The Wall of Avila
  • Cathedral of Avila
  • Basilica of San Vicente
  • Royal Monastery of Santo Tomás
  • Convent and Museum of Santa Teresa
  • Church of San Pedro
  • Four Posts
  • Roman Bridge of Avila
  • Convent of El Carmen

Accommodations for groups on your end-of-year trip to Avila

If you choose Avila as your end-of-year trip destination, keep in mind that it is a small city. One day’s visit to the city will probably be enough, so on a 2- or 3-day trip you can spend the rest of the time on excursions and multi-adventure activities of all kinds to make the trip complete, combining nature, sports, city and culture.

Therefore, from Natuaventura we recommend you to choose an accommodation not too central, in order to have access to the private bus and to be able to move in and out of the city in an easy way. You can also carry out outdoor activities and group dynamics that will reinforce the companionship and the bonds between the companions. Choosing your accommodation will depend on the program you are preparing for the school trip: multi-adventure, urban, rural, etc. These are some examples of accommodation for groups outside the city, although there are always hundreds of options if you decide to stay downtown.

  • El Pilar de Gredos
  • Navarredonda Hostel
  • Hotel Vettonia
  • San Miguel del Valle Amblés Hotel
  • Hospedería de la tía María
  • Altogredos Rural Hotel

Typical dishes of Avila

The most popular dishes in the province of Avila are the beans from El Barco, the veal cutlet and the Yemas de Santa Teresa. You cannot pass through the city without trying these gastronomic delights of enormous forcefulness and that will warm you up at any time of the year. This menu is a faithful reflection of the gastronomy of Avila, based on the agricultural and livestock products of the province.

The famous «tapas», «ir de pinchos», is also of great interest to all tourists passing through the city. In Avila every drink is accompanied by a miniature dish of delicacies of all kinds. From the classic tripe, sweetbreads or the omnipresent potato omelette to bocatines, empanadas, etc. A tourism that combines gastronomy with mingling with the people and the local atmosphere, enjoying the terraces and squares of the city.

Complete guide to organize an end-of-year trip to Avila

Want to know more? Activities, places to visit, accommodations, typical dishes. Here you will find all the information you need to have a successful end-of-year trip to Avila.

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