What to do on your trip to Valencia so you don’t miss anything

your trip Valencia

Having a good planning of the activities during your trip to Valencia will be key for everyone to enjoy these days of living together successfully. If you decide to book your end-of-year trip with Natuaventura and choose Valencia as your destination, we offer you multiple possibilities of organization, in order to adapt in a personalized way to the trip of your dreams.

Valencia offers the advantages of inland cities and coastal areas: beach, bars, stores, squares, markets and a wide range of cultural and leisure activities. Therefore, there is a wide range of activities that can be done: nautical, multi-adventure, cultural and leisure activities.

Multi-adventure activities on your school trip to Valencia

Who doesn’t fancy a good dose of water sports when going to the beach? The Valencian coast is a paradise for this sport, thanks to the calm waters of the Mediterranean. We propose a canoe ride in the sea, so you can enjoy this tranquility very close to the coast. You can also try Paddle Surf, a fashionable sport that attracts children and adults to test their skills on the board. And for those who enjoy more adventurous activities, the beaches of Valencia also offer sports such as diving, kite surfing, windsurfing, sailing and jet skiing. Which one do you choose?

Finally, for cycling lovers, there is the possibility of taking a long ride through the Turia River Park, a beautiful bike path that runs along the Turia River as it passes through Valencia. 9 kilometers of gardens that stretch from the Parc de Capçalera to the City of Arts and Sciences. A different and fun way to visit the city and its museums that your students will surely love.

Cultural and nature activities in Valencia

If you are looking for a more cultural approach to your end-of-year trip, we suggest the essential visit to the City of Arts and Sciences and Oceanogràfic. The science museum and the gigantic aquarium will be great memories for your students, who will approach science from a different angle than at school. They will love it!

And if you prefer that your group of students focus on enjoying nature, we recommend a short visit to the Albufera Natural Park, where you can see hundreds of migratory birds that have this place as a migratory stop on their long journeys.

You can also decide to do both and combine your end-of-year trip to Valencia in the best possible way.

Leisure activities on your end-of-year trip to Valencia

As you can see there are thousands of possibilities to make the most of the city of Valencia. How about some leisure activities? The trendy neighborhood, Russafa, offers a multitude of bars to have a drink while you walk through its lively streets. You can eat in its wonderful market, or stop by one of its most famous establishments, such as El Rojo or La Nonna.

Other excursions that you can consider to complete your end-of-year trip are a visit to Bioparc Valencia, an animal conservation center with four different ecosystems; or a trip to Terra Mitica, so students can have a day of madness in this fantastic amusement park.

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