Where to eat in Asturias? Traditional gastronomy

eat in Asturias

Walking around, wandering aimlessly, visiting the stores, doing some shopping and, of course, tasting the local gastronomy is the best part of the end-of-year trip. In Asturias, the typical dishes are so many and so varied that trying them will be an obligatory activity in your program. In this guide we tell you what and where to eat on your trip to Asturias.

Knowing the gastronomy, raw materials and local recipes is another type of tourism, where you can discover a culture in depth, and learn more about their traditions and lifestyles.

Typical products of Asturian gastronomy

Like every region in Spain, the Principality of Asturias has certain typical dishes that are part of its gastronomy and reflect the lifestyle of that population: fish from the South, meats from Castile, vegetables from the North… In this article we talk about eating in your trip. We start with the most popular products of the region:

Pote Asturiano

The Asturian pot is a hearty dish, which used to be cooked on the fires of the house in a ‘pote’, hence the name. This dish can take about 6-8 hours due to its slow cooking. It is a stew made with beans, cabbage, potatoes and a meat side dish, which includes chorizo, black pudding and bacon. Some people also add pig’s ear, pig’s cheek or pig’s tail.


Cider is the most typical drink of Asturias and a perfect accompaniment to all these traditional recipes. Asturian cider must be poured in ‘culines’, and it is a tradition that all members of the group drink from the same glass. The main ingredient of the cider is the apple, which is fermented for two or three months to obtain a natural cider that can be tasted in many cider houses, along with a good cachopo, a cheese board, etc.


The cachopo consists of two fillets of beef stuffed with ham and cheese (the most typical), or with mushrooms and peppers in the most elaborate. Then it is all coated together with egg and breadcrumbs and fried.

It is a substantial meal, which is always good to accompany with a good cider. The cachopo is undoubtedly one of the delicacies that you must eat in Asturias.


This is the typical Asturian dish. It is a stew made with «fabes», a variety of large white beans, to which other ingredients such as chorizo, pork and Asturian black pudding are added. It would be unthinkable to leave Asturias without tasting it.


If you like cheese and you think you are a real expert, you cannot miss the wide variety of Asturian cheeses. Try them all, seriously, you won’t regret it. Asturian cheeses are beginning since the 70’s to achieve international prestige and fame, although their quality has always been excellent. You can find cow’s milk, sheep’s milk, goat’s milk or even mixtures in different proportions of cheeses of two varieties of milk and three. Some examples are Cabrales, Gamonedo, La Peral, Los Beyos, Oscos, Afuega’l Pitu, etc.

Best restaurants where to eat on your trip to Asturias

In this article we list some of the most famous restaurants in the Asturian region, so you can see for yourself that the gastronomy of this area is one of the best you can find in the whole Spanish geography:

  • Blanco Restaurante (Navia)
  • Especia Restaurant (Cangas de Narcea)
  • Sidrería Narcea (Cangas de Narcea)
  • Casa Consuelo (Otur)
  • Mesón El Centro (Puerto de Vega)
  • El Pañol Gastrobar (Avilés)
  • Casa Tataguyo (Avilés)
  • Mesón Sancho (Gijón)
  • Zascandil (Gijón)
  • El Barrigón de Bertín (Lastres)
  • El Molín de la Pedrera (Cangas de Onís)
  • El Chibiski del Chilito (Llanes)

Guide for end-of-year trips to Asturias

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