Benefits of end-of-the-year multi-adventure trips

multi-adventure trips

One of the most common definitions of end-of-school-year multi-adventure trips is active tourism. This description is one of the keys to the importance of this type of trip for groups of children and young people. In the ages between primary school and university, boys and girls usually travel with their families. Usually the destination is the same, because it allows the families to maintain their routines while offering days of rest and disconnection from the usual environment.

That is why the existence of end-of-year trips and school excursions is so important. These offer the possibility of a different type of tourism from what students do in their normal life, and connects them with the concept of active tourism.

Active tourism is defined as tourism that takes place in contact with nature, carrying out activities that put us in connection with it. It offers a close connection between the natural environment and fun. In this way, it transmits a series of fundamental values that will be fundamental in the growth of the youngest.

The older they get, the more aware they will be of the environment in which they live and the possibilities it offers. Respect and care for the environment will result in a more and better protected environment and an increase in tourism skills. In this way, end-of-year multi-adventure and active tourism trips are not only a way of rewarding or finishing a course, but also of transmitting values and generating learning.

Multi-adventure end-of-year trips: the importance of sports

End-of-year multi-adventure trips are often seen as a way to enjoy nature and complete a travel plan. As we have already seen, there are many benefits associated with these trips. A benefit that is often not mentioned is that a high percentage of the multi-adventure activities are sports. Alternative, different from the usual, rarely seen in environments other than nature: but sports after all. In the daily life of a primary or secondary school student, the sports that are practiced are not very varied.

It is normal, since the necessary material has to be affordable, and it is encouraged that the most complete and common sports are the ones that students learn to do. Thus, multi-adventure sports stand out for several reasons.

In the first place, because they put into action skills and competencies that are not practiced in other sports. Climbing or rafting are not common in physical education classes, not to say that they are almost impossible. Therefore, a multi-adventure trip offers the possibility of getting to know them and enjoying them. Secondly, they not only involve exercising different physical skills, but also new mental competencies.

For example, archery is very beneficial for the maintenance of attention. Climbing improves decision-making skills. Hiking instills patience and relaxation. Thus, the multi-adventure sports that we can do on end-of-year trips will transmit as many or more values than the usual sports. They are a fun and different way to keep fit physically and mentally. And perhaps, to start a new sporting career.

Learning in nature.

All the information we look for about multiadventure and active tourism activities and trips emphasize the important role that the natural environment plays in them. Nature is the space where multiadventure activities are carried out and where an interaction of learning and respect for nature is established. An end-of-year multi-adventure trip is one of the best opportunities to establish a different relationship between the child and nature.

The greatest concentration of population is in urban environments, somewhat distant from natural spaces. An end-of-year multi-adventure trip means opening a window to other spaces, new places where to develop as an individual and where to learn different ways of relating with the environment. In the usual routine of the cities, there are few occasions for a group of schoolchildren to come into contact with nature.

The importance of activities in natural surroundings.

That is why an end-of-year trip of this kind is so important.Multi-adventure and active tourism activities open a window for several days to the environment that surrounds us and where we live.  We discover new places of tourist and cultural interest, and everything they have to offer.

From the mountain areas to the beach areas. It is important to transmit the idea that the natural space is a place where we can enjoy and have fun. And also, whether we like one space or another, all must be respected and cared for, as they are all part of our environment and the balance we live in. The end-of-year multi-adventure trips are a memory of fun and learning in a unique landscape space.

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