The best activities for end-of-year elementary school trips

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Of course, the destination where the end-of-year elementary school trip takes place is fundamental, but once there, what do we do? How is the planning of an end-of-year trip for this age group shaped? What are the most attractive activities? In this section we will try to answer these and many other questions about the activities for end-of-year elementary school trips.

For many of the children of this educational stage, the end-of-year trip is the first time they make a trip with friends and classmates. Therefore, the fact that it is also full of new activities that they are not used to do in their hometown, is an added incentive and a reason for excitement and fun.

The activities of the end-of-year primary school trips can be carried out either by the instructors accompanying the group or by specific instructors for each activity. Normally, the plannings of these trips usually balance activities organized by the team of instructors and excursions that take them to the places where more complex activities are carried out.

In this way, all activities are designed and carried out by a team of professionals with the appropriate training and qualifications. In this way, boys and girls return from their end-of-year trip having discovered a new place and new ways of having fun. The games and dynamics learned during the trip will be part of them for the rest of their educational stage and beyond.

All these activities can be carried out in Spanish or English, depending on the request of the school. If the trip is in English, it is considered a language immersion end-of-year trip. This type of trip encourages the group to participate in English, which increases their confidence and competence in learning a second language.

What sports and adventure activities are included in the end-of-year elementary school trips?

Depending on the destination chosen, there are many possible sports and adventure activities for end-of-year trips. In beach destinations, water sports are very common. These include dinghy sailing, canoeing and surfing and its modalities: paddle surfing, windsurfing. They are a great way to get closer to beach activities and to learn sea sports, which are not very common in the day-to-day life of the participants. These sports can be combined with sports olympics and games adapted to the beach environment.

In mountain destinations, activities have a multi-adventure approach. The environment is used for hiking, horseback riding or mountain biking. They can also be done with a specific theme, such as ecological trails or those aimed at making greater contact with the habitat you are in. You can also go on an excursion to a rope garden, or canyoning.

What tourist and cultural activities are included in the end-of-year elementary school trips?

Every end-of-year elementary school trip must be complemented with tourist and cultural activities. Since the trip involves travel, how can we not get to know the cultural environment where the group is going? Whether it is a city or a region, end-of-year elementary school trips are a unique opportunity to get to know these destinations from an educational perspective.

Therefore, it is a good option to make the trips either with a team of instructors or with a guide who can teach all the secrets and wonders of the destination. That is why among the most popular destinations are trips to big cities. Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia are cities with a great tourist and cultural offer. Along with the activities programmed by the team of instructors, you will visit museums and areas of tourist interest.

In Madrid, a walk through the Austrias area stands out. Barcelona offers a visit to Gaudí’s designs. Valencia, the City of Arts and Sciences displays a unique combination of culture and fun. But not only cities offer cultural activities. In Gredos, the caves of El Águila or the natural pools of Arenas stand out. The mosque of Cordoba, the lakes of Covadonga in Asturias or the Enchanted City of Cuenca are magnificent examples of places of interest that will surprise and delight the little ones.

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