Cultural and urban end-of-year trip activities

Cultural and urban activities

One of the great advantages of urban environments is the cultural potential they offer in terms of planning activities. These activities can be done around numerous elements and can be chosen from a wide range of options. We will mention some of the most popular ones, for those who want to organize a New Year’s Eve trip with cultural and urban activities. These activities are an excellent suggestion for your next school trip.

Certainly, the first image that comes to mind when we say cultural end-of-year trip is a visit to a museum. The association between culture and museum is so strong that it sometimes makes us forget about other equally attractive options. However, for a moment let’s take a closer look at the concept of a museum and what a visit with school groups requires.

Museums and exhibition centers are usually places that we associate with a calm and quiet visit. These adjectives may seem antagonistic to the idea of visiting a museum with a group of children. However, the image of the museum as an unchanging place and of groups of children as unruly and restless are archaic and we should not let ourselves be carried away by them.

Today, most museums have dynamic tours, coordinated by expert guides. These professionals know how to transmit the culture they treasure in a practical and entertaining way. At the same time, the groups of participants are very aware of the importance of respecting the cultural environments and the rest of the visitors. Therefore, the guarantees of respect and enjoyment are the greatest.

Cultural and urban end-of-term trip activities: sightseeing tours

One of the activities of cultural and urban end-of-year trips are the tours and sightseeing tours. These are mainly developed in the cities. A sightseeing tour consists of a cultural tour of a certain destination. Its objective is to show the tour participants the main points of interest of a city or region.

For this purpose, it is not enough to show only its location, but also its cultural background: its origin, its characteristics, its historical past, its present function… There are many types of sightseeing tours. They can focus on showing the historical monuments of a city, or the most outstanding cultural and atmospheric areas of a town. Many focus on tracing the historical past of a city, and the more modern ones, on showing the most outstanding commercial areas.

Sightseeing tours are a quick and dynamic way for a group to get to know a big city. In large spaces and with a lot of options, a tour captures what is essential to know about a city. They are usually conducted by professional guides, who know perfectly the history and life of a city, as well as the best way to transmit it to a group of schoolchildren.

They are able to capture their attention and to explain the details and curiosities of the city they are visiting, entertaining and transmitting knowledge in the best way. In addition, sightseeing tours can be done either on foot, if they cover different nearby areas of the city or in one of the usual tourist buses that cross the main tourist capitals of the world

Cultural and urban end-of-year trips: theaters and musicals

The major cities where cultural end-of-year trips take place have theatrical offerings as an important attraction. Normally, major plays and musicals are not usually performed outside the cities. Therefore, when a group visits one of these cities, they are usually willing to include the musical of the moment in their planning.

These shows offer a spectacular performance, where traditional stories that we know from our childhood are usually set. For this reason, students on an end-of-year trip who attend a musical theater play will leave fascinated by the spectacular staging and the combination of music and theater. The musical theater offer is very wide and allows us to offer different options depending on the characteristics of the group.

Attending a show like this is an opportunity for many of the participants on trips of this kind to get to know and develop their appreciation for theater and the performing arts. Therefore, end-of-year trips with a clear cultural component have their main strength in the combination of activities that, despite what it may seem, are by no means passive.

They are open doors to entertainment and culture, forms of communication and learning with other environments and spaces different from the usual ones. Children discover their interest in other cultures, other ways of living and behaving, which can be the basis for the development of their personality and the strengthening of formal learning.

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