Surf in Santander

1 to 14 July
828 €

16 to 29 July
798 €

Santander Surf Summer Camp combines beach, mountain and multiadventure. The beach is our best allied to do games and activities and, most of it, to follow our 6-day surf course.


Albergue Cabárceno




6 days surf course, games at the beach, zipeline, bivouac.


7 to 17 years old


Surf and English in Santander.

Santander Surf and English language Summer Camp combines beach, mountain and multiadventure together with learning English in an active, dynamic and funny way. Children from 7 to 17 can join and come to Cabárceno Hostel, placed in a superb location between mountain and seaside. It is run in two different fortnights: July 1 to 14 and July 16 to 29.

The hostel is in the middle of the mountains of Cantabria and only 20 min from El Sardinero beach by bus. This excellent location makes possible to carry out activities in a breathtaking spot.

Beach, swimming pool, multiadventure and a whole range of games are combined with some English lessons, using a methodology that aims to learn while having fun.


First turn: 1 – 14 July

Second turn: 16 – 29 July

Ages: From 7 to 17 y.o. Two/three groups of age.


Surf and English Summer camp

Accommodation Surf and English Summer camp

Cabárceno Hostel has the most adequate and well-equipped facilities to run a summer camp. There is a dining room, a kitchen, classrooms for English lessons, rooms with bunk beds, bathrooms with individual showers, a warehouse, a multi-purpose hall, a swimming pool, a volleyball field, a climbing wall, a zip line and some ample green areas to play and relax.

The beautiful surroundings are an unbeatable spot to do nature and mountain activities. The beach is only a 20-minute drive from the hostel.

We add to all this some back-up vehicles, multiadventure, sports and leisure activities material, emergency phones and mobile phones for the children to call home.

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Surf and English Summer camp