Neighborhoods you should visit on your school trip to Granada

Neighborhoods Granada

The neighborhoods in Granada are considered one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city. Picturesque, with Mozarabic influence, with medieval architecture, cheerful, full of life, markets and music in every corner. You don’t know a city only by its monumental visits, but also by its streets, its typical dishes, its people, its viewpoints, its squares, its stores…

Basically, by its culture, its gastronomy and its natural charm. In this article we tell you everything you need to know about the neighborhoods you should visit on your school trip to Granada.

Of course, if you want to know in depth all its neighborhoods, be prepared to climb up steep slopes, because the Albaicin and Sacromonte are a must. The most interesting thing about visiting all areas of Granada is to see the neighborhoods and appreciate all the contrasts that the multicultural legacy and history of this magnificent city have left us.


One of the most famous and beautiful neighborhoods in Granada is the Albaicín. It was built by the Arabs before their expulsion, and many Renaissance monuments such as the Ziri Wall, the Arch of the Weights, the Towers of the Alhacaba, the Church of El Salvador (formerly known as the Great Mosque), the ancient mosques of San Cristóbal, San Miguel Bajo, San José, San Gregorio, San Ildefonso and San Juan de los Reyes, the Palace of Dar-Alhorra, the House of the Mascarones, the House of Yanguas, among others.the old mosques of San Cristóbal, San Miguel Bajo, San José, San Gregorio, San Ildefonso and San Juan de los Reyes, the Palace of Dar-Alhorra, the House of the Mascarones, the House of Yanguas, among others.

To visit this neighborhood, you will have to wear comfortable shoes, as its streets are steep, narrow and messy. It is the perfect neighborhood to get lost in the alleys, find squares and secret viewpoints, stroll through its markets … and experience all its glory. These are the essential places to visit in the Albaicín:

  • Casa del Chapiz
  • Córdova Palace
  • Carmen de la Victoria
  • Viewpoint of San Nicolas
  • The Plaza Larga
  • Viewpoint of San Cristóbal
  • Dar-al-Horra Palace
  • Calle Caldederería Nueva (where you will find all kinds of souvenir stalls and numerous tea shops)


Another neighborhood you must visit on your school trip to Granada is Sacromonte. It is known as the gypsy quarter and is located east of the capital of Granada, in the Valparaiso Valley and in front of the famous Alhambra. The neighborhood is very picturesque and is the ideal place to enjoy flamenco and tablaos, and all the gypsy culture. Of course, if you visit this neighborhood you will have to know all about the Sacromonte Caves and its museum, and reach the Sacromonte Abbey. You can’t miss the viewpoint of the Ermita de San Miguel Alto to see a magical sunset with the whole city of Granada at your feet. Get your legs ready to climb lots of hills and stairs!

  • The Carmen de la Victoria
  • The statue of Chorrojumo
  • Sacromonte Caves Museum
  • The Sacromonte Abbey
  • Flemish Caves
  • The Barranco de los Negros
  • Viewpoint of the Hermitage of San Miguel Alto

Realejo-San Matías

El Realejo is one of the most vibrant neighborhoods of Granada, belonging to the Centro district. Multitude of graffiti occupy the facades and walls of some buildings, decorating with care and exalting the culture of Granada with drawings full of colors that represent typical Andalusian scenes and people. In this neighborhood a multitude of cultures coexist, being a reflection of what Granada was in another era and what it still is today despite the differences of its inhabitants. El Realejo is a neighborhood of Jewish origin that underwent a deep urban remodeling after the abandonment of its community and its structure was changed. But its essence as a Jewish quarter has not been left behind; steep and narrow streets, some of them even staggered.

  • Campo del Príncipe
  • Corral del Carbon
  • Bermejas Towers
  • Church of Santo Domingo
  • Royal Quarters of Santo Domingo


Would you like to know what other neighborhoods to visit on your school trip to Granada? In the central district of Granada you will discover the monuments that faithfully reflect the Spain of the Catholic Monarchs. With less Arab or Jewish influence than the rest of the neighborhoods, the center has a Catholic appearance. In this district of Granada, you will find some of the most characteristic places of the city such as the Alhambra of Granada, the Royal Chapel (where the Catholic Monarchs rest), the Cathedral, the Town Hall, the Plaza de las Pasiegas, the Plaza Bib-Rambla, etc. In the Center you can find all kinds of stores distributed in the streets Mesones, Recogidas, Puentezuelas, Gran Vía de Colón, Acera del Darro and Reyes Católicos. Don’t miss the following places:

  • Plaza de Bib-Rambla
  • La Madraza, the old Arab university
  • San Jeronimo Monastery
  • The Royal Chapel: tomb of the Catholic Monarchs
  • Botanical Garden of the University of Granada
  • The Cathedral of Granada

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