Organize your trip to Valencia with students

Organize your trip to Valencia

Organize your trip to Valencia with students! We know from experience that organizing a trip can become a headache if you don’t know where to start. For this reason, we have prepared this guide to help you step by step and thus the preparation is as simple as possible.

We propose different accommodations, activities, restaurants, places of interest, etc. so that your students will be delighted after visiting Valencia. At any educational level (Primary, Secondary, University) the end-of-year trip is one of the most anticipated events. Both teachers and students will remember it as one of the most precious memories of their time at school.

One of the most demanded trips in our agency is the end-of-year trip to Valencia, due to its ‘low cost’ and the number of interesting places that can be visited there. Traveling to Valencia with your group of students can become a unique and affordable experience for everyone.

For more than 15 years Natuaventura has been organizing end-of-year trips. Our goal is that you have the best possible memories of the experience. We offer you our end-of-year trips to Valencia, so you can check the great possibilities that this coastal city has to offer for an unforgettable end-of-year trip.

Why choose Valencia as your end-of-year trip destination?

The end-of-year trip to Valencia with Natuaventura offers you a great variety of activities and places to visit with your group of students. Thanks to its strategic location, you can carry out cultural activities, tourist routes, gastronomic experiences… but also nautical activities on the beach, where students can have fun not only in the city, but also taking advantage of the maritime environment. From Natuaventura we guarantee the best combination for your trip with free activities and/or with our best trained instructors.

A visit to the historical center of the city is a good reason to organize your end-of-year trip to this city. Due to its environment and activities, it could be aimed at middle and high school students. These educational levels include ages at which there is interest in cultural routes.

Natuaventura offers you different types of trips, so that they adapt in the best possible way to your group of students. The trips include multi-adventure activities, water activities and cultural visits in the company of bilingual monitors, etc. You can organize a 3, 4 or 5 day trip and let us know your needs, excursions, activities or preferences. You can plan your trip to Valencia, choose the option that best fits your dream trip!

Valencia, a city with endless possibilities

Our trip to Valencia begins with interesting and representative buildings such as the City Hall, the Bullring, the North Station or the Post Office Building. After visiting the center of the city, we stroll through the Central Market, one of the largest in Europe and one of the liveliest places in Valencia. For lunch, obviously, a good Valencian paella, one of the original ones. What can we do in the afternoon to relax and enjoy a free evening? One of the most famous urban beaches of the Spanish geography: the Malvarrosa beach with its promenade, where you can have a drink in its terraces and bars to end your day.

During the following days you will have time to visit the great attractions of Valencia: The City of Arts and Sciences, the Oceanográfic or the Albufera Natural Park.

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