Where to stay on your end-of-year trip to Valencia?

end year trip Valencia

A key piece of your end-of-year trip to Valencia is the accommodation. Arriving to the room assigned to the group, bonding, sharing secrets and experiences, etc. This is a fundamental part of the coexistence that happens in an end-of-year trip. Being close to the center, good/poor communication, price, comfort, etc., are variables that will determine the rest of the activities and will improve or affect the memories that the students will keep of their end-of-year trip.

There are advantages and disadvantages to every type of accommodation. Hotels will always be more comfortable and will add an extra point of fun for the students, but at the same time they tend to be the most expensive accommodations. On the other hand, hostels are much more affordable, but probably more difficult to control for the teachers accompanying the group. Furthermore, hotels and hostels are usually closer to the center, which makes transportation much easier, since the group can move around walking, instead of using the subway or buses that delay the excursions. Natuaventura will make sure to select for your school group the accommodation that best suits your needs for the end-of-year trip to Valencia, facilitating the access of large groups of students and teachers.

Whatever your final decision is, the most important thing is that it is a safe accommodation where your group of students will be comfortable after spending the whole day doing activities outside, so they can also have fun with the evenings organized for the night.

Hotels and hostels

As we mentioned before, hotels and hostels are accommodations that offer multiple advantages for the group of students. First, they provide students comfort after a long and intense day of sightseeing and activities throughout the city. Second, the hotels usually include breakfast, half board or full board options, facilitating everything else in the organization of the trip.

Here is a brief list of some of the most outstanding hotels in the city:

  • Safari Hotel (3 stars)
  • Sweet Hotel Renasa (3 stars)
  • Petit Palace Ruzafa (3 stars)
  • Catalonia Excelsior (3 stars)
  • Boutique Hotel Balandret (3 stars)


Hostels can also be the perfect accommodation depending on the needs of your school group: if you have a very large group, if you need a very affordable trip or if you don’t mind travelling by public transport, this is your best option.

Here are some of the best located hostels in Valencia:

  • Russafa Youth Hostel
  • The River Hostel
  • Urban Youth Hostel
  • Quart Youth Hostel

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