The best summer camps in Santander

summer camps in Santander

When we talk about summer camps in Santander, we usually think only of multi-adventure camps where aquatic and multi-adventure activities are carried out. Of course, these camps have a huge variety of activities that make them unique and full of fun.

However, summer camps in Santander also help participants to learn a new language. In fact, the camps promoted in not only guarantee fun, but also allow children and teenagers to learn skills, abilities and, why not, to start learning a foreign language.

We know that camps help children and teenagers to become more independent and autonomous. An important part of their independence comes from self-confidence, which is reinforced as they successfully complete activities and acquire new knowledge.

This is the goal of the camps we have at, and we would like to talk about the 2 best camps in Santander, where children can learn a new language and practice sports, activities, dynamics and workshops in one of the most beautiful places in the country.

Santander Surf and English.

The Santander Surf and English camp is one of the most popular English summer camps in Santander. It offers a very interesting program of activities, as it combines the best of the beach, the mountains and multi-adventure. However, there is something extra to this camp, as it allows participants to reinforce their English language skills in an active way, with qualified instructors who will teach children to develop their English language skills in a dynamic and fun way.

Located only 20 minutes by bus from El Sardinero, the Santander Surf and English school is located in an amazing natural environment. Multi-adventure activities, swimming pool, beach and many games are combined with learning English in a playful way, creating a very pleasant and special atmosphere in these camps.

Summer camp in Santander – Villar Multiaventura.

One of the favorite camps in Santander is Villar Multiaventura. This incredible camp in Cantabria has been part of the organization since 2004. Every year this camp is one of the first to be sold out.

In this camp the accommodation is in a mountain lodge in Villar de Campoo, which is a small village surrounded by nature. The camp guarantees fun and learning, with a large number of multi-adventure activities, connecting sports and nature.

El Villar Multiaventura lasts 15 days, and from the first day there is a full program of activities alternating between the beach and the mountains. One of the characteristics of this camp is that participants can also learn how to surf. The minimum age to attend this camp is 7 years old.

If you want to know more options of summer camps in Santander, you can contact us at and we will show you the best options of summer camps in this part of the country.

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