Where to stay on the end-of-year trip to Doñana?

Where to stay Doñana

Where to stay on your New Year’s Eve trip to Doñana? Getting an accommodation according to the needs of the school group is the first step to guarantee the success of the trip.

There are many reasons why the end of the school year trip is the most awaited moment of the year: the stress of the course and classes is released; teachers and students can meet and live together in a comfortable space and get to know each other better.

The group can strengthen bonds, share experiences and create much stronger ties than those they had in the classroom. Usually, one of the keys to this close coexistence is the accommodation and it will be determined by the chosen destination, the type of trip we plan and the ages of our students.

Once we have the destination, what now? What options are there in the area? Where to stay on the end-of-year trip to Doñana with school groups?

To make the right decision we have to consider the variables we have mentioned: what ages do we have in the group, what kind of trip do we want to make? A trip with a primary school group with few days or lack of experience in activities, may feel more comfortable in a hostel. This offers more space for coexistence and for the development of multi-adventure activities. In contrast, a trip for older groups, such as middle school or high school, may consider the hotel as a better option for them. With more independence and responsibility, the participants prefer to enjoy the facilities of a hotel and the possibilities it offers. The rooms are smaller, they have a closer coexistence and can feel more independent.

Hotels for your end-of-year trip to Doñana

As we have just mentioned, hotels are usually the ideal accommodation for small groups of 40-50 students, especially those in middle school or high school. Why?

  • Because of the comfort

If there is one advantage a hotel has over other types of accommodation, it is the comfort. By offering either half board or full board, with this type of accommodation the teachers will be free of worries and all the participants in the group will be comfortable and safe at all times.

  • By location

If the group is looking for accommodation close to the beach, in the case of the end-of-course trip to Doñana, your best alternative is the hotel. They are usually near the sea and provide easy access to nautical activities, bike rides along the promenade or visits to nearby towns.

  • For independence

For adolescent age groups, it is important that they can share intimate moments with their closest friends and strengthen bonds. They need spaces for trust and complicity, and there is nothing better than hotel rooms for these moments. This way, they can feel more independent, but always under the supervision and security offered by hotels.

We leave you here a list of hotels where to stay in the end of the course trip to Doñana, near the Park or the coastal towns to visit:

  • Hotel Gran Coto
  • Hotel Flamero
  • Iberostar Isla Canela
  • Hotel Valsequillo
  • Hotel Fuerte El Rompido
  • Precise Hotel El Rompido
  • Hotel Paraiso Playa
  • On Family Islantilla
  • Hotel Palacio Doñana
  • Hotel Pequeño Rocío

Hostels for your end-of-year trip to Doñana

There is also the option of the hostels, offering many reasons to choose them as accommodation, if the hotel does not convince you or if you are out of budget for the end of the school year trip to Doñana. Moreover, it is a very good choice for primary school children, due to its characteristics.

  • For the price

The advantage of the hostels is usually the great quality-price that they offer. Although students share rooms, and sometimes bathrooms, it is worth staying in hostels for trips of a few days, with many activities and affordable.

  • For group activities

Complementing their good price, hostels also usually have both indoor and outdoor spaces for group activities, evenings and workshops to enrich the end-of-course trip after the daily excursions.

  • For the conviviality

Thanks to the fact that the rooms in the hostels are larger and for more students, this also creates a bond and a climate of group trust that can be very positive for the school trip.

We offer you a complete list of hostels at good prices to enjoy your end-of-year accommodation in Doñana:

  • El Rocío Alojamiento Rural
  • El Duque Guesthouse
  • La Fonda del Rocío
  • Inturjoven Punta Umbria Hostel
  • Pino Doñana
  • Casa Alana
  • El Cazadero Real Guesthouse
  • Doñana Tour Hostel

Guide to organize your end-of-year trip to Doñana

If you are thinking of organizing your end-of-year trip to Doñana, you have come to the perfect place because we bring you in this guide all the information you need before and during the trip: accommodation, gastronomy, transportation, possible itineraries, excursions…

Plan your school trip to Doñana with Natuaventura, we offer you as many possibilities as you can imagine, and a team of instructors with more than 15 years of experience in school trips. Do not miss any detail!

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