The best activities for high school end-of-school trips

activities high school trips

The dynamics of an end-of-the-year trip depends largely on the planned activities. Due to the age of the participants, the activities for high school trips may vary with respect to elementary students.

Good activity planning is the best way to keep a group together and fun that not only enjoys a few days of relaxation, but also unique experiences. Sports, multi-adventure, activities in English, nautical activities …

All of them with the same goal: have fun and teach values. This is what makes the difference between one end-of-year trip and another. We are convinced that every trip must have a complete and balanced planning, where cultural and tourist visits are in harmony with group dynamics and other games.

Having the support and organization of a team of instructors is one of the best ways to guarantee the most complete planning. They have the necessary training and experience to adapt this planning to the needs of the group, or to any unexpected event that may happen during the trip. Therefore, the combination and coordination between activities and destination form a complete package.

There is a wide range of activities for end-of-year high school trips. Depending on the activities, the trip will have one focus or another. For example, some trips are English language immersion trips, or end-of-year trips with a greater emphasis on sports and multi-adventure activities.

Trips in English: a good option for secondary school students

A very popular option for end-of-year trips for secondary school students are trips in English. Especially for those courses before the fourth year of ESO, where there is more emphasis on the trip having a strong educational content. The fact that the trip connects with the subjects taught during the course does not mean that fun has to be sacrificed.

For this reason, the end-of-year high school trips with linguistic immersion in English have a complete plan of activities and dynamics that combine the learning of a second language with enjoyment. In this way, participants can approach this language from a perspective of fun and practicality. They realize at every moment that English can be useful for a better development in the world and in tourism.

This type of end-of-year high school trip is possible thanks to the accompaniment of the group by a team of bilingual and native instructors. They are in charge of carrying out all the activities in English. From the first contact with the participants, they develop their relationship with them in English.

All activities (games, dynamics, gymkhanas) are also explained and carried out in English. The participants are encouraged to speak English among themselves, a fact that they often do almost without realizing it, after several days of living together in English. Thus, these trips are a very attractive way to learn English.

Multi-adventure and sports: the most complete trips

End-of-year trips with multi-adventure activities and sports are one of the most complete options for high school students. During this age, the body changes, making boys and girls develop towards becoming adults. That is why it is a crucial time to reinforce the importance of sports and have fun.

The end-of-year secondary school trips are based on the transmission of these values through dynamics and games that use sport as a fun tool. Thus, the association between sport and fun is much stronger. The possibility of playing sports in any environment or travel destination is also transmitted. A relationship of respect for nature is also promoted through the practice of sports in it, as a way of taking advantage of the resources it offers us.

Among the multi-adventure activities of many of the trips, we highlight the practice of mountain activities. Ropes garden, zip line, climbing or rappel are the most common. Also, canyoning or caving. Water sports are not left out of these trips. In an end-of-year high school trip with a maritime destination, surfing, dinghy sailing, windsurfing or paddle surfing can be practiced.

Canoeing will also be possible at sea and on the river. The more classic sports (soccer, basketball, volleyball) do not lose their place but will be carried out at certain times of the planning and with fun variations.

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