Eco-friendly summer camps: Why are they so important today?

Eco-friendly summer camps

The «Eco-friendly summer camps« are having an important boom in recent years. These camps are not only fun, but they are filled with a lot of learning.

For our children, the long-awaited vacations are a very important date, because after an intense school year full of much effort, it is also necessary to have time to rest and enjoy excellent moments of relaxation.

Kids are waiting for the holidays so they can enjoy adventures and new experiences in summer camps. That is why we at would like to talk about the importance of ecological education and, of course, about summer camps focused on this theme.

Why ecology is important.

Eco-friendly education is very important and requires awareness and learning. Learn to respect the environment, to take care of it, to use it correctly without wasting resources, today is not only an option, it is an obligation. This is why it is very important to teach children these values from an early age. To achieve this goal, there are many options in summer camps and workshops. Obviously, this topic must first be instilled in the values of the families themselves.

Workshops in ecological summer camps are one of the best ways for children to see the importance of ecology. In these camps, through games and didactic activities, children will learn important lessons about the use and care of the environment.

What objectives and values are instilled in the workshops that are part of the ecological summer camps?

1. Saving water.

One of the natural resources we should value most is water. The good news is that saving water is not difficult to make it fun for children. These camps are designed with a wide variety of resources that teach children how to control water consumption and how to recycle it.

2. Recycle paper.

You really don’t need a lot of materials and tools to make an eco-friendly workshop on recycling. These workshops are very interesting and simple for children to learn how to recycle.

3. Outdoor games.

Playing games in the natural environment where the ecological summer camps take place is the best way to raise awareness about environmental care among children. These games can be carried out in the forest, in the water, even in green areas of the city where they can play fun games such as: I discover my tree, I take care of my ecosystem, Toxic Stain and many more.

4. Wildlife care.

Ecological games in the summer camps are oriented to the care of the fauna. These games are focused on teaching children to respect and care for wild animals, understand the ecosystem where they live and observe how they interact, understanding the predator-prey relationship and how they move by instinct. Based on this theme, fun games are organized such as Rabbits and Carrots, Pumas&Foxes, etc.

5. Creating organic vegetable gardens.

The activities designed in these workshops are designed to observe and understand agriculture, and how to obtain food in a correct and healthy way.

In addition to these activities, there are many more that will teach children and young people the importance of ecology and environmental care. At, we are very aware of how important this subject is, and especially, how essential it is to instill these values in children. That is why we invite you to contact us for recommendations on ecological summer camps and workshops oriented to the learning of this important topic.

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