The 4 best English summer camps in Natuaventura.

English summer camps

English summer camps are becoming more and more popular in Spain. The reason is that every day the value of languages in the education of children is increasing, so it is very important that children can learn and reinforce the knowledge they have previously acquired during the school year, so they can develop in such an important language.

The goal of summer camps in English is that children and teenagers do not stop practicing the language during their vacations, because they can practice the language in these places, even under the modality of linguistic immersion.

If parents are interested in having their kids taking a language course abroad in the future, it is highly recommended that the child participate in an English immersion summer camp, where they will learn the language and participate with students of other nationalities, enriching the experience.

In these camps you can learn English in a fun environment with many interesting activities. In some places these camps are known as English summer camps or international summer camps.

What these language camps have in common is that students can learn in a unique, fun and multicultural environment, pretending as much as possible a stay abroad, since in most of these English summer camps there is a total immersion, where the student is communicating in English all the time.

The most recommended English summer camps at are the following:

1. Gredos English Camp.

This camp is a linguistic immersion camp in English in the Sierra de Gredos. Everything in this camp is carried out in English, with native instructors who will be attentive to the needs of the participants. All activities take place in a friendly atmosphere, allowing participants to improve their social skills and learn English without even realizing it.

2. The Navatormes English Camp.

This is a multi-adventure language immersion camp in Avila, in the Sierra de Gredos. Its activities are programmed 100% in English with professional instructors who are qualified in the language and are native speakers. The planning of this camp is remarkable, allowing young people and children to enjoy from the first minute in a privileged natural environment.

3. Santander Surf and English.

This is a camp that, due to its activities, is included in the category of a multi-adventure summer camp. However, this camp has a very interesting program for participants to learn English, while enjoying the best of the beach, the mountains and multi-adventure activities.

4. Sierra de Madrid English Camp.

This is one of the most popular camps, as it allows children and teenagers to enjoy an English language camp in Madrid. Like the previous ones, it is a linguistic immersion camp in English which promotes the learning of the language through fun activities and games.

We have a wide range of summer and English language camp options available. You can contact us at and our group of professionals will help you book these or other English summer camps available.

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