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After completing secondary and secondary education, it is time to move on to the next stage. Going to college involves a lot of changes. Meet more people, discover new forms of education, adopt other routines. Undoubtedly, university end-of-year trips are very important and valued.

However, there is one thing that can remain unchanged: the end-of-year trips. While this stage is considered the beginning of adulthood, this does not have to be at odds with enjoying end-of-year trips once each educational year is over. In fact, the greater autonomy and independence of the participants can be used to take advantage of trips to more distant destinations or with different activities.

University trips offer greater flexibility and a wider choice of destinations. Often these trips do not take place at the end of the academic year, but are held at different times throughout the academic year, such as Christmas, Easter, etc. Considering that the participants of these trips are university students, and many of them combine their studies with a job, they can afford to travel to destinations with a higher price.

However, they all share the same idea: to make it a cheap end-of-year trip. For this reason, the ways to raise money to finance trips reach their maximum expression and creativity at this time.

At Natuaventura Ocio y Tiempo Libre we have been organizing end-of-year trips for Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate for more than fifteen years. Our experience as an agency that organizes end-of-year trips allows us to advise you in the preparation of your end-of-year university trip. You can consult all our offer of end-of-year trips on our website.

How to organize a cheap end-of-year university trip?

Getting a cheap end-of-year trip is the main objective of university groups. Normally, the destinations and dates selected for this type of end-of-year trips imply a higher cost than end-of-year trips for Secondary or Baccalaureate students. Therefore, their main interest is to reduce this cost so that it is not excessive.

The best way to achieve this is usually to contact an agency or organizing company that is in charge of booking the trip. As a result, a fixed budget can be sought. The increasing number of search engines and websites for cheap flights has also made this task easier in recent years, since university trips are usually to destinations that involve air travel.

Once the trip has been booked, various activities can be carried out to raise money to cover the cost of the end-of-year trip. The university environment makes it much easier to carry out these fundraising tasks. Organize a party, sell food or ballots, a flea market… You can earn money for your college trip in many fun ways!

University end-of-year trip destinations and activities

The most popular destinations are those across the ocean. College trips can be a great way to learn more about the different activities and destinations that are available to you. The Caribbean islands and the Mexican coast are exotic and adventurous destinations that attract many college trips, especially those celebrating the end of the course.

Another option closer to home are trips to different areas of Europe, where the paradisiacal beaches are exchanged for the festive and cosmopolitan environments of different cities. In this case, Italy, Greece and Croatia stand out as countries with a great cultural offer and a huge variety of activities for end-of-course trips.

Thanks to the flexibility, end-of-year college trips can also include all kinds of activities. From those focused on multi-adventure, with nautical and sports activities, to others more focused on relaxation and partying. All options are possible for your end-of-year college trip.

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