The Best Destinations for end-of-year secondary school trips

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Destinations for high school end-of-year trips can’t be anywhere. It has to be chosen considering many factors. But most important of all, it must be a place that excites and motivates all participants, and where the possibilities for fun and learning are maximized. The destination of an end-of-year high school trip is more than a city or a beach.

It is an environment where the group will live for the last time before they embark on different paths. That is why the choice of destination is perhaps the most important in the organization of an end-of-year high school trip. Nowadays, there are many options, and just because the trip is international does not mean that it has to be a cheap end-of-year trip.

Choosing a destination is often a matter of proposals and voting. Often the high school students themselves are very clear about the destination they want to travel to. Discussing among themselves is a good way to encourage communication and group decision making. Also, sometimes the destination is predetermined by the school, as a sort of tradition that brings together the school’s approach to end-of-year trips.

The end-of-year trip to Mallorca for the 4th year of ESO is the best known and most popular. However, it is not the only one. The following are some of the different options for end-of-the-year trips for Secondary School.

The best destinations in Spain for end-of-year secondary school trips

There are many possible destinations in Spain for secondary school trips. As we mentioned above, the most popular, especially for the fourth year of ESO, is Mallorca. This island offers beaches and many fun possibilities for this age group. The coast of Levante and Andalusia offers a very complete environment for end-of-school year trips.

These are places of active tourism, with a great cultural and touristic offer for a complete planning. In the Levante area, Valencia stands out as a beach and cosmopolitan destination. In Andalusia, Doñana and Cazorla are both natural parks whose visit offers a unique immersion in an environment of pure nature. These can be complemented with visits to nearby areas of interest, such as Almonte, Seville or Cordoba.

While the beach and trips to coastal areas get all the attention, there are also end-of-year trips with other focuses. In Spain, the Pyrenees and Asturias are places that can also include nautical activities and can be complemented with multi-adventure and tourism. These mountain destinations involve contact with nature and sports activities. Sierra de Madrid, Galicia or Cuenca are also other possibilities for these end-of-year trips.

The best international destinations for end-of-year high school trips

International destinations are also very popular for end-of-year high school trips. As these trips are taken by groups of students close to the age of fifteen or sixteen, many of them want to leave the Peninsula and get to know other cultures. When contemplating destinations outside Spain, the range of options opens up.

Visiting European capitals, tours of different regions, Mediterranean islands or even cruises. All of them have their particular attractions and a wide range of activities and fun possibilities. Europe is usually the environment of choice for these destinations, as it offers a certain proximity and the same cultural atmosphere. Also, the cost of these trips is more affordable for groups than any other international destination where the transfer is longer.

Therefore, for international destinations, Europe is the most popular. However, it does not have to involve a long transfer. Portugal, with its proximity to our country, is one of the most popular and complete destinations for high school senior trips. Its capital, Lisbon, offers a great cultural atmosphere.

At the edge of the Atlantic, its proximity to Cintra, its gastronomy and its particular charm make it a unique destination. France is also a very popular destination, as well as Holland and Germany. England and its main cities (London, Edinburgh, Plymouth) emphasize the reinforcement of the English language. Malta is another very popular option for this age group.

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