Meet the surprising work team.

Natuaventura work team

Natuaventura work team is made up of very valuable professionals. We owe our great team the success we have achieved from 2003 to the present.

This success is not the result of chance or luck, but is the result of work and the choice of the right people. Each member is specialized in performing each of the tasks that are part of the activities.

The Natuaventura work team.

In this opportunity, we would like to talk about Natuaventura’s work team and the services we offer. Knowing what is on the inside will allow you to understand our services, and also increase your confidence in our quality.

Our team is made up of professionals who specialize in the development of activities with children and school groups in order to teach and educate in a fun and enjoyable way, as part of non-formal education.

We are convinced of how effective is the integral development of children and young people through recreational and sports activities, and every day our team works very hard to achieve that goal.

Professionals who are part of the team

The professionals that are part of our team, know how to provide the best experience in the different services we offer, among which are summer camps, school trips, excursions for schools, language trips and others.

We have over 200 monitors and coordinators of Leisure and Free Time in our staff at the moment. All of them are well qualified. We are absolutely convinced that our team is our most important asset.

Training courses for leisure time instructors.

Preparing ourselves is one of the aspects that has helped us to maintain the standard of service that we currently have. We are well aware that working with children demands an important dose of vocation along with training. That is why we are committed to keep our work team at motivated and excited every day.

Therefore, in collaboration with the Official School Respira ETL, has allowed people who wish to be part of the team, the possibility of obtaining the title of Instructor of Leisure and Free Time and can be part of our staff.

The title of leisure and free time instructor is an official title recognized throughout the country, and is one of the requirements to work in the sector. It is also a professional preparation to perform with the highest standard.

Over 45,000 families and 200 schools have trusted us and we owe this success to the preparation and dedication of our team. They will help and advise you to make the right choice of summer camps, end-of-year trips, school excursions, language trips and much more. With the support and experience of these great professionals your students or children will be able to enjoy the experience, learning and having fun in the next school vacations.

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