The best English summer camps in Madrid.

english summer camps

English summer camps are one of the most demanded in Spain. In the last decade the request for enrollment in these camps has increased significantly, and year after year is growing.

This reality is evident in the Spanish capital. Madrid is an example of how English camps have been successful. This success is due to the excellent results of the participants who have spent their holidays learning English.

In English summer camps, the learning of the language is carried out in a very fun way that is far from the traditional learning acquired in the classroom. This is the reason for the great success and the results obtained. In this opportunity, at we would like to show you which are the most popular English summer camps in Madrid and those with transportation from Madrid.

The most demanded English summer camps in the community of Madrid.

  1. Madrid Summer Camp.

This camp allows participants to enjoy an international camp, where children and teenagers will exchange experiences, customs and cultures with foreign students.

This English camp is particularly special, since it takes place in a unique, very pleasant and multicultural environment where the participants, along with having fun, will learn and practice the language under the supervision of native instructors and teachers.

  1. Have fun at the farm.

The camp «Have fun at the farm» is designed for those children who are attending a camp for the first time or are very young. In this camp they will have the opportunity to enjoy a playful and fun learning experience, which is unique for the participants.

The goal of this camp is very clear: to educate by playing and to play by educating. By playing games and activities, important values such as respect, responsibility and solidarity will be transmitted, all of this in an environment where the children will be in direct contact with nature.

English summer camps with transportation from Madrid.

  1. GMR Summer Camp León.

The reviews say that GMR Summer Camp León is one of the best English summer camps in Spain, especially because of its excellent quality/price ratio. This camp offers a fantastic English program combined with educational and sporting activities for children and teenagers from 6 to 16 years of age.

GMR Summer Camp León’s goal is to ensure that children can have fun while learning English, and to achieve this the participants will only be able to communicate in English, with a team of instructors and native teachers who will teach and help them. In this way, participants will become less embarrassed and begin to feel more confident speaking English.

  1. The English Camp Cazorla.

This is an English summer camp in Cazorla with transportation from Madrid. There is no need to talk about the quality of this camp, because every year 100% of the places are filled. If you are looking for an English investment camp, this is an ideal option.

The English Camp Cazorla, is a very complete and exclusive English camp, where our child can simulate a language course abroad, but within the national territory. They can share experiences, activities and games with students from other countries, enjoying an educational program taught by native instructors experienced in this field.

If you wish to attend these camps, or select another English summer camp for your child to learn or reinforce their knowledge in this language, we invite you to contact us at and we will advise you on your choice.

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