Multi-adventure summer camps: Are they the best option?

Multi-adventure summer camps

The multi-adventure summer camps have currently become one of the favorite options for parents and children to do during the vacation season.

For those parents who for work reasons cannot combine their work with their children’s vacation period, they find a great opportunity in multi-adventure summer camps. These camps guarantee your children the opportunity to carry out physical and training activities during the vacation period.

Moreover, children will enjoy and have a great time doing fun activities, making new friends and enjoying new experiences, in an ideal environment for their education and training. Indeed, multi-adventure summer camps are a unique opportunity for many children and youngsters to practice sports in a natural and, in most cases, paradisiacal environment.

Now, there are some frequently asked questions regarding multi-adventure summer camps that we would like to answer in this article. The first question is.

What is the right type of multi-adventure summer camp for my child?

Choosing the ideal multi-adventure summer camp for our child will depend on a few factors. First of all, there are 2 types of adventure summer camps.

There are the multi-adventure summer camps, in which the facilities have been designed and conditioned so that the students can enjoy them, where it is normal to find a climbing wall, a tree climbing park with walkways, zip lines, obstacles and other activities.

Also, some of the facilities of these camps have artificial lakes for water sports such as kayaking and much more. So, they are equipped to offer a wide variety of multi-adventure activities.

However, there are other types of multi-adventure summer camps with activities carried out in natural surroundings, that is an authentic camp where students must travel out of the city to a designated natural environment, and can carry out activities thanks to nature itself. In these camps it is normal to perform activities such as rappelling, climbing, canyoning, hiking, rafting and others.

This is the first factor to consider when choosing a summer camp. In this case, you can analyze both possibilities and know the activities that will be developed, comparing both options to make a final decision.

What is the minimum age to participate in a multiadventure summer camp?

Another important factor when hiring a multiadventure summer camp is the age of our child. It is important because physical activities are carried out during the whole stay in these camps.

In this case, you should know that depending on the camp, there will be a minimum age requirement to participate in it. There are two possible situations:

1.The summer camp requires a minimum age to participate in it. Usually this happens in multi-adventure summer camps where the capacity is limited, so the activities are designed for a short age range.

Also, this requirement is demanded in those camps where the programmed activities require a minimum physical condition to perform them, so the camp management will have previously established an age range.

2.The second situation is where age is not a condition for participation in the camp. In these cases, the only requirement is that our child has the minimum age to participate, which is usually 6 years old.

In multi-adventure summer camps where the minimum age is not required to participate, the camp coordinators generally have a program that includes a wide variety of activities that are adjusted to different ages and levels. From the first day at the camp, groups of students are organized according to the age of the participants and they will be assigned a program of activities that will allow them to participate without problems or restrictions.

It may happen that on some occasions, while doing an adventure activity, a student may express discomfort and decide not to participate in the activity. In these situations, the instructor will never force any student to do any activity that they do not want to do, although they will encourage them to try, so that they can develop important attitudes in life such as persistence and courage.

Are there multi-adventure summer camps where I can learn English?

Yes, in most multi-adventure summer camps we can find workshops and various activities that will allow students to learn and develop their English language skills.

Many parents today are faced with the dilemma of whether to take their children to an adventure camp, or to enroll them in a camp that specializes in learning English. The good news is that most summer camps of any theme have activities and workshops in English, so our children will reinforce their English language skills in camps that are not specifically about English.

Summarizing, one of the best alternatives for the school vacation period is to enroll our children in a multi-adventure summer camp. It will provide a great learning experience and will allow them to continue their learning while having fun.

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