Nautical summer camps. What is the minimum age to attend?

nautical summer camps

Nautical summer camps are one of the most popular camps. They allow participants to enjoy the sun and beautiful beaches, while practicing water sports and various activities in the sea.

The famous nautical summer camps give teenagers the opportunity to live unique experiences. Enjoying the afternoons on the beach, contemplating beautiful sunsets and enjoying a unique climate are just a few.

Location of the summer nautical camps.

The facilities are usually camps or residences located very close to the beach. However, at the same time they are close to the tourist areas of the place and the port.

In these camps, the participants have all the nautical equipment. Materials such as sailboats, boards, jet skis, pedal boats, are available to make the dynamics.

The weather is one of the great advantages of participating in a nautical summer camp. In these areas, the climate was a fundamental factor for development, because there is very little variation in the climate. This brings as an advantage, the guarantee that the camp will be able to carry out all the planned activities.

What activities can you do in a nautical summer camp?

Activities that will be carried out in a nautical summer camp, as in any other camp, depend directly on the coordinator and his experience, and also on the resources that the camp has to carry out the activities.

Specifically in the case of nautical summer camps, there are certain activities that not all camps of this type have. One of these activities is sailing, since this activity depends on the economic value of the camp.

This activity, not only uses exclusive materials, but also needs to be carried out by highly qualified personnel. For this reason, some nautical summer camps do not have this activity and others do, and this can be a factor that makes the difference when selecting one or another.

Other water sports that are generally offered at any water sports camp include surfing, Paddle Surfing, Kayaking, Kitesurfing, WindSurfing, Snorkeling, Banana or Worm Sky, Swimming, Pedalos and a wide variety of Water Games.

Along with these water sports, the fact of being in direct contact with the sea makes it possible to practice other sports such as beach soccer, paddle games, beach volleyball, sport fishing and many other sports.

Is there a minimum age to participate in a camp with water activities?

The difference with other summer camps is that nautical camps require the participant to be capable of defending themselves in the water without any problem, although obviously the activities that are carried out will always be accompanied by instructors and security guards for their safety.

Our recommendation at Natuaventura is that the boys or girls who participate in these camps are teenagers from 12 years old onwards, who already have enough physical condition to be able to fully enjoy the water sports and activities.

Of course, this does not mean that children under 12 cannot enroll in a nautical summer camp. There are currently camps where the minimum age is seven years old, and they have age-appropriate activities and water sports. In these cases, the camp guidelines specify the activities for children under 12.

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