Multi-adventure in Villar

1 to 14 July
778 €

16 to 29 July
748 €

Multi-adventure summer camp in the region of Cantabria. Natuaventura has been organising this camp in Villar since 2004, carrying on with a project that started more than 30 years ago. Our current counsellors are former campers, so it has become a huge family!


Albergue en Las Indianas – Villar




Climbing, archery, 2 days at the beach, 1 day of surf, hiking, bivouac.


7 to 17 years old

Details Multi-adventure summer camp in Cantabria

Multi-adventure in Villar.

This multi-adventure summer camp is situated in a unique place; the village is called Villar, near Reinosa, a 45-minute ride from Santander. Children from 7 to 17 years old can join and enjoy activities either on the mountain or on the beach, from gymkhanas to sports games. Multi-adventure in Villar is run in two different fortnights, so that you can choose the most suitable for you: July 1 – 14 and July 16 – 29.

This summer camp was the first one we opened and now many of our counsellors are former campers, so we are just like a big family! Maybe that is why it’s the first one to get sold out each year.

We lodge at a mountain hostel in Villar de Campoo, a small village surrounded by nature. The program of activities combines multiadventure, nature, sports and beach. We’ll be playing, laughing, enjoying and making friends all the fortnight long! Find out more below -you are gonna love it!


First fortnight: 1 to 14 July

Second fortnight: 16 to 29 July

Ages: From 7 to 17 years old. Two differnt groups of age.


Multi-adventure summer camp in Cantabria


Las Indianas Hostel is the ideal place to carry out this summer camp. It is situated on the mountain range of Cantabria. The hostel has the best amenities to cohabitate and do multiadventure activities: climbing wall, large playing areas, football field, back yard, multi-purpose hall, cafeteria, games and workshops room, dining room, kitchen, warehouse… The rooms have a capacity from 4 to 8 beds and they all have full bathroom inside.

Nearby we have swimming areas in the river, wide mountain spaces, camping area and the beach only 80 km away.

We add to all this some back-up vehicles, multiadventure, sports and leisure activities material, emergency phones and mobile phones for the children to call home.

Multi-adventure summer camp in Cantabria